I was amazed by the hope and strength of the children

Hollywood star Jessica Chastain received a ‘beautiful’ painting from a young girl during a ‘life-changing’ trip to Ukraine where she had an ‘opportunity to meet incredible children’.

The Oscar-winning actress, who visited the capital Kyiv in early August, said it would take weeks to “process” everything she saw there.

On Thursday, she shared a video documenting a visit to Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital where a young girl gave her a handmade drawing.

“Wow, that’s beautiful,” said Chastain.

In the video’s caption, the 45-year-old wrote:

“We landed in Poland, drove 4 hours and took another 11 hours on the train. I was nervous, but the length of the trip gave me time to calm down.

“One of the highlights of this life-changing trip was a visit to Children’s Hospital Ohmatdyt.

“I had the opportunity to meet these wonderful children and their director, Volodymyr Jobnir. I was blown away by their hope and strength.

Ben Stiller in Rzeszow, Poland. During a visit to highlight the growing needs of those fleeing war in Ukraine (Andrew McConnell/UNHCR/PA)

“Many people have been forced from their homes and spent months in hospitals.It is a huge humanitarian crisis that is ongoing in Ukraine.

“We cannot forget the innocent people affected by the senseless acts of violence. We are grateful to have met these lovely children with big brave hearts.”

Chastain isn’t the first celebrity to be involved in humanitarian work in Ukraine, along with Night at the Museum actor Ben Stiller, who visited Ukraine in June. I was amazed by the hope and strength of the children

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