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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Rafael Grossi has announced the IAEA’s intention to have nuclear safety experts stationed at all nuclear facilities in Ukraine. His two-expert mission for the IAEA is expected to operate not only at the Chernobyl site, but also in Southern Ukraine and the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). In total, from 11 he plans to send 12 experts to his NPP in the country.

According to Grossi, the experts will “monitor the plant’s status, assess equipment and other needs, provide technical support and advice, and report findings to IAEA headquarters.” The Executive Director agency In Ukraine by the need to prevent a nuclear accident in the country.

Currently, on the territory of the Russian-controlled Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), institutional experts of groups of up to four members are permanently operating (October 5, 2022, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin of Vladimir Putin signed a document on its transfer (ZNPP to Russian jurisdiction). The IAEA Zaporizhia Assistance and Assistance Mission (ISAMZ) was established on September 1, last year. In January, his fifth group of agency specialists arrived at the base.

Another IAEA task is to start operation at the Southern Ukraine NPP.his Social media Grossi shared a video of the IAEA flag raising ceremony at the NPP. “We are here to ensure nuclear safety and security during the ongoing conflict. ‘, said the secretary-general.

The IAEA has already presented a project for a nuclear safe zone around the ZNPP. An important condition was to stop the fire around the power plant. The IAEA’s role in the process of maintaining the safe zone was to control the implementation of the ceasefire. This institution also performs the function of mediator in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, Russia and Ukraine share a position and unfortunately had nothing in common. The demilitarization of the NPP, assuming a complete withdrawal of troops from the territory of the nuclear power plant, was the basis. Russian officials said the agency denied that he could be placed under IAEA control, explaining that the IAEA has no such authority.

sauce: IAEA, twitter IAEA Sends Observers to Ukrainian Nuclear Sites – New Defense Order.strategy

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