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IATA warns against exploitation of “market strength” in recent Qatar Airways Airbus conflict-Doha News

The recent controversy between Qatar Airways and Airbus is frowned upon by celebrities in the aviation industry.

Willy Walsh, head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Said Airbus’ decision to cancel its contract with Qatar Airways is a “worrisome development.”

World aviation authorities have recently placed great emphasis Controversy The one-month dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus continues to escalate over the manufacturer’s decision to terminate the contract with a state-owned airline consisting of 50 A321neo jets.

He further warned aerospace companies not to take advantage of “market strength”, explicitly mentioning Airbus’ decision to cancel orders for Qatar’s jets.

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QA will sue Airbus for more than $ 600 million in compensation for “a row of aircraft skin defects, including flakes of a copper mesh lightning protection system that loosens easily when teased with gloved hands.” is. Doha News report.

If Airbus does not cooperate with the case filed, the airline will further refuse to resume jet delivery.

“You wouldn’t expect one of the suppliers to take advantage of their position by leveraging the strengths of the current market, which is what we are watching very carefully,” Walsh told reporters. ..

A prominent figure reiterated that the business relationship between the various airline giants Airbus and Boeing needs to withstand pressure and escalate back to normal.

He further stated that unless the industry adheres to its obligation to pay contractors, the industry will lose its suppliers, arguing that this is not the case with QA.

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“This is a new development and I think everyone in the industry will pay attention to it,” Walsh added.

Airbus refused to comment on Walsh’s remarks because he had previously stated that he “completely denied” Qatar’s proceedings in a British court.

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