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Someone with a keen eye uploaded a photo of a strange animal to Facebook groupSingapore Wildlife Sighting, recently.

Here’s what it looks like:

Photo credit: Karen Dias Chavet, via Singapore Wildlife Sighting.

“Is this some kind of squirrel?” she asked.

That’s probably the same question you ask after seeing a picture of this animal that resembles a mouse and a squirrel.


The photo piqued the curiosity of other wildlife enthusiasts and sparked an interesting discussion in the comments section.

Some of them hilariously noted that the animal bears a striking resemblance to Scrat, the squirrel from the popular film franchise Ice Age.

Experienced nature guide Ivan Kwan I’ve clarified the answer in the comments section: it’s actually a common tree shrew.

No, not squirrels.

About Common Tree Shoe

of Common Tree Tree It is a small mammal common in southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Bintan Island and Batam Island.

They are usually active during the day on the forest floor or among low vegetation and fallen branches.

Its diet consists of insects, fallen fruits and sometimes lizards.

Here are some fun facts about shupai. Similarities with primatesin the skeleton and some organs.

Facebook/Singapore Wildlife Sighting top photo and Heroes Wiki

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