IGM pays homage to journalists on World Press Freedom Day and expresses solidarity with Ukrainian journalists

On World Press Freedom Day, IĠM pays homage to the work that journalists have done to reveal and explain the truth and to give voice to the voiceless.

“In many cases, this work is done at a great personal sacrifice in a climate that does not always welcome free media,” IĠM said.

IĠM is also in solidarity with all journalists suffering from abuse, ridicule and intimidation for their work, and the ultimate that Daphne Kahlua Anagarizia had to pay for her efforts to detect corruption. I remember the sacrifice of.

On this day, IĠM said it cannot fully emphasize the importance of free media for democracy. “As a fourth asset, media and journalism are important gears to ensure the free flow of information needed to enable citizens to make informed choices and uphold their rights. Continue. Even when this work asks and investigates national actors, an environment is created that values ​​what the work journalists do. “

IĠM recalls the findings of last year’s Kahlua Galicia hearing. This is how different people in power foster a culture of impunity, and those who have an ax are journalists and jobs. “The end result was the killing of journalists. This needs to happen again, so the government and its agencies uphold the importance of transparency and timely answering questions to journalists. Must be adopted. “

“But beyond the importance of enabling the work of journalists, a culture of accountability needs to take root, and institutions commissioned to investigate all forms or forms of crime do their jobs without fear or favor. What journalists do to uncover ethical flaws, misconduct, crime, and corruption is to ensure that this leads to official reprimands, resignations, police investigations and prosecutions. ” IĠM notes that the Prime Minister set up a media expert committee earlier this year and hopes that the work being done will begin to bear fruit. IĠM said, “When the Commission presents its first report containing reactions and suggestions on the law proposed by the government to strengthen the protection of journalists, it is time to submit the necessary legal amendments before Congress. I hope not to waste. “

Finally, IĠM has expressed solidarity with Ukrainian journalists who are trying to carry out their work in very difficult situations as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “The murder of journalists in their work in Ukraine is a clear reminder of the hostility that journalists continue to face around the world.” IGM pays homage to journalists on World Press Freedom Day and expresses solidarity with Ukrainian journalists

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