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Ignorance in Society-Kuwait Times

By Yousuf Al-Azmi

“True ignorance is not a lack of knowledge, but a refusal to acquire it.” – Karl Popper

The The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about ignorance and backwardness is the nature of ignorance, its reasons and consequences, the production of ignorance and its costing, profits and losses, failures and successes, or spontaneousness due to it. Whether it is a target or not The nature of the time that influenced the dissemination of knowledge and the presence of ignorance at that location as an inevitable consequence of what will happen later. Ignorance has various shapes depending on the times, and there are also popular products!

Perhaps the most important reason for ignorance to spread is poverty, so ignorance often spreads in a poor environment, from understanding religion to understanding life. Also, some of the most important effects of ignorance can directly affect an individual’s manners. As a result, he may resort to using banned ones because human needs are not available. Keep in mind that poverty is the most important reason for the spread of illegal drugs, prostitution and theft. When they find drug traffickers selling goods through AIDS that are forced by poverty and need to commit illegal acts, and when they ask those involved in prostitution, they immediately say they don’t need it. You can also see that for those who commit illegal acts or embezzlement, there is an answer that it is poverty.

Therefore, ignorance and poverty are synonyms, and it is very difficult to find ignorance in a country where development and good education are available. Of course, there should be holes in the walls, so we’re talking about moderately inaccurate standards, but education closes the holes and restores the basic structure for human growth. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel was asked, why is most of Germany’s budget spent on education, culture, art, and most human knowledge, as well as the salary of German teachers, intellectuals and innovators? She replied: simply because the cost of ignorance is too high!

The main price of ignorance is the prevalence of crime of all kinds, and perhaps corruption of the state’s administrative and financial systems, and the weak tendency of development of all kinds in many citizens. Also, in such a corrupt environment, fake diplomas will spread. If the person dealing with you is a fake doctor who has illegally received his qualifications and is an engineer who builds your home, the foundation will collapse because the engineer’s degree is not genuine. The responsibility for educating future generations rests on his shoulders. Imagine the fate of the next generation, who trusted the so-called teacher, but did not really have a true education. As a result, private lessons are widespread and ultimately have the main goal of going to school. You can get a certificate without learning, and you can imagine the future of this generation!

In countries where ignorance and backwardness are common, we are rich in sectarian expression and high in the status of corruption, rather they are at the forefront of the socio-political scene and you find bribes everywhere, And you find trade in the religion, principles, and sectarianism in which fraudsters live, as the scammers have become ignorant of the open societies in which symbiosis exists and the slogans that do not represent the tolerance of others. In an ignorant society, we find people who rely on religion to earn a living, and who are sincere only to the social group to which he belongs, and finally, because ignorance has planted its roots and naive and ignorant things. You will find that the majority of them will succeed! We are confident in the reliability of their hideouts!

In a society of widespread ignorance, we find those who fail are fighting those who succeed. Because he doesn’t imagine the existence of someone who has succeeded in his environment. Even if you work in a country where you have failed, your assessment is based on criteria that have nothing to do with productivity or achievement, and are far from it, primarily based on jealousy.

When a human in an ignorant and backward society wakes up and decides to learn and improve himself, he starts from a circle near the learning place and fights everywhere to make him fail and keep him. It is difficult for an ignorant person to see a person who has abandoned ignorance, so from improving! In our present age, we can see that ignorance exists in the spread of social media and various applications. Some forms of ignorance may honor fools who are famous on social media.

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