Illegal Eurovea terrace restaurant to be demolished

Sep 12, 2022 12:30 Me premium content

Plans for the new building are already underway.

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There is no official ranking system that indicates where the most profitable restaurant businesses operate. But Terrace, located near the Eurovea shopping center in Bratislava, definitely belongs at the top of such a list.

Video ad followed by article

Video ad followed by article

In terms of business they are one of the most profitable buildings, but officially they are the most famous illegal buildings. Authorities approved them, but only temporarily.

It has now been decided that the current terrace will be demolished and replaced by what.

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famous illegal building

Before the Eurovare, the banks along this part of the Danube were abandoned and lifeless. The shopping center has transformed the riverfront by bringing it to life, attracting people to relax there. is here to help. ” data-msg-btn-logout=”Login as a different user” data-msg-btn-close=”Keep me signed in” > Illegal Eurovea terrace restaurant to be demolished

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