I’m a former manager-this is a sign of an early warning that you may be frustrated at work

The manager who worked between two different layoffs revealed signs of early warning that you could be frustrated.

According to TikToker, middle managers are “investigated” by executive questions before downsizing, and some encourage teams to “push” and “hint” before layoffs.


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A TikTok user’s phone said he would give his team a “sign” and push them further after he was “investigated” by a question from an executive.Credits: TikTok / phong.thieu

Fong created a video series titled “Manager’s Perspective During Layoff” on a social media app to provide his unique story.

“I’ve been in middle management through two layoffs, and that’s what happened,” Fong said. video It has been viewed more than 250,000 times.


Creating content on technology, code, and leadership, TikToker admitted that there wasn’t much that could be done by the time news became middle management.

Executives plan a layoff a few months ago through deliberate conversations, and managers are part of that process.

“Middle management will be investigated downstream of the chain,” Fong said.

Seniors ask vague questions such as “How about the team?”, “Who is happy and who is unhappy”, “Who is performing?”

The technical leader said that middle management is still in a difficult situation because it is valued in this situation.

Fong may want to save his face and say everything is great, but it’s best to be honest, as executives will eventually follow up on the opinions of the team manager.

“As a middle manager, you can try to turn things around at this point,” Fong said when all the signs were aimed at the incoming layoffs.

However, we cannot openly inform the team about the possibility of layoffs. It’s because it causes fear, but employees can look for signs from managers and avoid being at a loss.

Fong said in the past he gave “hints” and began to “push” the team further to improve the team’s performance.

“But if people don’t see the signs, it’s like screaming into the void,” Fong said.

People took comments for more information from tech leaders.

“Today I was investigated with a question like this … uh,” someone commented.

But Fong replied, “Maybe it’s okay. Check out the company’s revenue and expense trends over the last three quarters.”

“Will the leadership of your entire team be relinquished on the same day?” Another said.

“That’s bad, but when they go, they can merge or disperse with other teams, usually when the middle class grows,” Fong replied.

Another commented, “Our CMO, CIO and COO have resigned from each other within 6 weeks. Is it a danger signal?”

“Oh, boy,” Fong said.

This happens after the boss forces the employee to sign a “SWEAT” pledge and then disagrees. I promise they will not “whisper”.

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