I’m a Performance Psychologist-Here are my 5 tips to get that dream job

Almost three-quarters of Irish workers dream of creating their name in a new role.

New survey by While many are reluctant to make changes, we find that 72% want to quit their current role.


Jerry Hashy, the founder of Soul Space, joined Irish Jobs at the launch of #BrandofYou, a free program developed by Irish Jobs.
About 72% of workers want to change roles, but many are afraid of change


About 72% of workers want to change roles, but many are afraid of changeCredit: Alamy

Investigation result relationship (40%), anxiety (36%), and fear of failure (30%) are three of the biggest obstacles to workers’ realization of their true potential.

To help those who are suffering from the unknown, has announced details of its #BrandofYou program.

Includes free access to a specially curated 5-week Soul Space Elevate Program developed by wellness experts Jerry and Miriam Hassy.

Jerry is a health and performance psychologist and AwakenYourPowerWithin’s best-selling author.

He has also worked with many elite athletes.include Munster Rugby And the Olympic boxing and sailing team.

Jerry advises those who need help in accepting their next career change, saying: You make those important choices in your life.

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“In the next five weeks, users will learn about their mental fitness, understand how to calm stress and calm, why sleep is so important for concentration, and connect and unplug to the right network. By learning that, they create their best version-all the important #BrandofYou. “

Here he shares his top five tips for taking action.

Step 1: Develop your mental health.

It’s very easy to be distracted by the thoughts, opinions and judgments of others when planning a career change, but understanding and raising awareness of your self-talk increases clarity. Useful for.

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Take the time to make space in your mind for the progress you dream of.

Step 2: Understand stress and find calm.

If you’re preventing your work-life balance from prioritizing what’s important to you, its lack of fun and laughter can be a source of stress for you.

You can learn how to manage internal and external stimuli that cause stress and slow down your system, and you can readjust and rebalance.

Step 3: Enhance your sleep.

Your day begins the night before, so don’t underestimate the importance of sleep not only for your general health, but also for your memory recall, your concentration, and your concentration. Please.

Sleep is your body’s greatest ally, so prepare for future success with a better bedtime routine.

Step 4: Learn the importance of relationships and connections.

Are you surrounded by people who inspire you, motivate you and challenge you to be your own best version?

How relationships with yourself influence relationships with others, and how human connections and a better balance of work and life can help you develop a better sense of self. Please discover.

Step 5: Evaluate the unplugging force.

Do you live a life that matches what your career really likes? What are you passionate about?

If the answer is no, it’s time to consciously pause and look back on your desires and goals.

This exercise not only helps with mental, emotional and physical health, but also with performance and productivity to help you take action.

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Discover what you can do to survive as well as prosper in this modern world.

visit Access the 5-week free #BrandofYou program.

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