I’m a pilot-how to land an airplane in an emergency:

The pilot has revealed how to land an airplane in an emergency. Regular passengers can face problems.

Pilot Patrick Smith said ordinary passengers are unlikely to land on commercial aircraft.


Pilot revealed whether passengers can land the plane in an emergencyCredit: Getty

But he explained that there was some hope for traveling on smaller planes.

He said CNN Travel: “Odds are still very opposed to you, but the results will vary from person to person and from plane to plane.

“To be precise, where are the planes from the runway in terms of altitude, distance and speed?

“And how accurate is this person’s interpretation of the trouser seats about what the plane is doing? Many of them will also come down to luck.”

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He also said that passengers who are aviation enthusiasts or who are using flight simulation programs can “probably save the day”, but it will be difficult due to the difference in the cockpit.

FAA flight instructor and former pilot Douglas Moss also revealed how inexperienced passengers can give themselves a good chance.

This includes turning flight instructors on-call and “natural talent” for using complex mechanics.

However, landing an airplane in an emergency is difficult even for pilots, so passengers are much less likely to survive.

One of the most famous plane landings is the Hudson miracle. When all passengers survived after the plane lost both engines in a bird stroke.

This meant landing on the Hudson River after an emergency due to the pilot’s incredible flight skills.

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This includes checking where the emergency exits are, taking something out of your pocket, and wearing wise shoes.

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If one pilot had no experience said, you would have little hope


If one pilot had no experience said, you would have little hopeCredit: Alamy I’m a pilot-how to land an airplane in an emergency:

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