I’m a wedding planner-my simple trick is to remove everyone from the phone during the ceremony

A wedding planner shares her simple tricks to keep people away from the phone during the ceremony.

Using @gritandgraceeventsco on TikTok, Claire shares a lot of tips and tricks on getting married on the platform.


Claire is a wedding planner in Southern CaliforniaCredit: TIKTOK / gritandgraceeventsco
She shares tips for holding an unplugged ceremony


She shares tips for holding an unplugged ceremonyCredit: TIKTOK / gritandgraceeventsco

“The most effective (and honestly, the only) way to have a legally unplugged ceremony,” a Southern California wedding planner captioned the video.

Claire says signs that show the desire for unplugged ceremonies are in fashion, but they can’t get the job done.

People can pass by without actually reading or hearing what the signs are looking for.

Instead, she proposes an alternative, “Tell me the most effective way to make sure people aren’t answering the phone.”

Claire says it’s best to ask the officiant to make a presentation before the bridal party walks down the aisle for a truly unplugged ceremony.

This video has been viewed over 3.5 million times and has received over 390,000 likes.

Hundreds of other Tik Tokers had their own ideas and ideas to share.

“As a photographer, I always announce it.” On behalf of the bride and groom, we can get the best shots. Clean up all the phones / cameras, “says Tik Toker. Commented.

“It’s very special that I want an unplugged ceremony. Put it on an invitation, take a sign and tell the officiant to cover all the bases,” another person said. Is writing.

Some TikTokers had other ideas to contribute.

“Is it bad to have someone collect them before imma comes in? Imma pays photographers / videographers for a reason,” someone commented.

“I heard from someone that your officiant announces that they will finally kiss a second time to take a picture, which helps,” someone else chimes. Ringed.

Claire replied, “Oh, I love it.”

Someone else suggested “a moment of Kodak” before the ceremony. There, the officiant “recommended everyone to take pictures and selfies before clearing the phone.”

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