I’m fat-shamed and lost 3rd place – now accused of being skinny but agrees with trolls, says Love Island’s Zara McDermott

Confident 21-year-old Zara McDermott came to Love Island contented with a size 10 body and never counted calories in her life.

But that all changed when trolls pounced on a holiday snap taken after she left her vacation home in 2018, inundated with 1,200 comments branding her a “fat whale” and a “unit.” .


Zara McDermott is content with her size 10 body and has never counted calories in her life.Credit: Instagram
Zara was then trolled and flooded with 1,200 comments calling her a


Zara was then trolled and flooded with 1,200 comments calling her a “fat whale” and “unit.”Credit: Splash
Zara shows off a batch of brownies


Zara shows off a batch of browniesCredit: zara_mcdermott/instagram
Zara posted images charting her weight loss journey


Zara posted images charting her weight loss journeyCredit: Instagram
Zara lost three stones through healthy eating and exercise, but was later accused of causing anorexia and other eating disorders.


Zara lost three stones through healthy eating and exercise, but was later accused of causing anorexia and other eating disorders.Credit: Instagram

Zara Although she lost three stones through healthy eating and exercise, she was accused of causing anorexia and other eating disorders when she posted the results on Instagram.

now, Zara Later critics say she was right about her before and after photos.

And she confesses that she burst into tears when a teenage patient told her she was “part of the problem.”

“It really blew my mind to hear that,” she tells The Sun ahead of her new BBC documentary about eating disorders.

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Zara McDermott: While filming Disordered Eating, she met a teenager who struggled with an eating disorder and was convinced her actions made things worse.

She explains:

“That was certainly hard to hear. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t walk away from feeling really upset.”

As one child attending an eating disorder clinic said: Zara, 25 Her weight loss post was potentially harmful, stating: You looked beautiful before.

“Take hold of the idea that your primary personality trait is what your body looks like.”

Another said, “A lot of girls our age watch Love Island, so whatever you put out there goes straight to them.

The influencer, who has 1.7 million followers on Instagram and also runs the food and fitness page A Day With Zara, admitted that he considered quitting social media after hearing their take.

she says:

“I didn’t know where to go from there.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to leave social media completely, but I think all I can do is learn, listen, and do my best.

“There are so many influencers out there and I’m just a drop in the ocean, but we all have a common obligation to be accountable.”

Hospitalizations for eating disorders have increased by 84% over the past five years, with nearly 10,000 children starting treatment between April and December last year, according to NHS statistics.

In the documentary Zara Highlights the shocking rise of Meanspo sites — within seconds of young people signing up to sites called “fat” and “disgusting” to “inspire” weight loss and creating accounts on TikTok reveals she was inundated with posts promoting anorexia.

Zaraz After she was attacked, her attitude towards her body changed overnight body shaming troll.

She weighed a healthy 10 pounds when she posted a bikini photo from a family vacation, but was bombarded with comments she said were “99% negative.”

“It made me feel absolutely terrified,” she adds.

“I went from being an innocent 21-year-old who had never looked in the mirror or overanalyzed my body to thinking, ‘Should I change the way I look at myself because other people do? became.

“When I was 21, it was really hard. But you can only hear it a limited number of times before you actually start believing it.

I’ve been told I’m fat many times, but only a limited number of times I can hear it before I believe it.

Zara McDermott

For the first time ever, the former Love Islander is dating a reality star Sam Thompson, 30 After seeing her diet and lack of exercise, I decided to make changes.

She started eating more fruits and vegetables and spending hours exercising.

A year after dropping from size 10 to 6, she posted a picture of her slim new figure with the caption:

Zara Addendum: I wanted to get in shape, so I started looking at the calories in food. And when I started to see results, I wanted to share the changes.

“I was really proud of myself and the dedication I showed.

then came backlash.

At the time, Zara defended the post, claiming she had just adopted a healthier lifestyle.

But meeting young people in her documentary made her look at her Zara Fitness posts in a different light.

she said: Giving people a chance to emulate her day in your life, or to accurately measure the calories you’re eating, is extremely harmful.

“There were a lot of control ideas in the movie, but now I realize this has something to do with them. You would think that you could achieve the same results by eating

“We all feel guilty about doing our best on social media. I’m sitting here saying, ‘I’m eating seven fruits and vegetables a day, I’m exercising every day, and I’m never eating takeout.’ It’s really easy to say, but it’s not the truth.

“On Friday, I made a ton of brownies, and Sam and I grimaced. Because there is, it is to show that there is a balance. ”

She’s now ditching her calorie-counting posts, and her day with Zara includes photos of iced donuts, peanut butter protein bites, and homemade crispy fries alongside videos of her punishing gym workouts and weightlifting. We specialize in

and meanwhile Zara She has admitted to editing photos in the past and vows to keep it real for her millions of followers in the future.

It’s easy to say, “I eat seven fruits and vegetables a day and exercise every day,” but it’s not. I made brownies on Friday.

Zara McDermott

In the documentary, Zara meets Lauren from the Bucks. Lauren’s Lockdown Her workouts turned into her obsession with her weight loss.

was diagnosed with Anorexia, she tells Zara: I can only see bones now. ”

Zara also tells Tiwa, who says she started overeating and pooping up to five times a day since she was a teenager because she was “so sad about how I looked.”

She showed the presenter a snarky message sent by a ‘Meanspo coach’ who had been sending ‘body checks’ daily for 6 months when she was 15 years old.

One is, “You fat ugly pig. You look horrible. Stop eating.”

Zara Also, after setting up a TikTok account and searching for weight loss, I am inundated with videos promoting anorexia and “sinfluencers.”

She now hopes her documentary will inspire social media platforms and other influencers to address the issue head-on.

“We know social media doesn’t cause eating disorders, but it does contribute to and perpetuate eating disorders,” she says.

“I want influencers to see this film, and I also want to create a blueprint to provide guidance on what content is harmful.

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“If you’ve never experienced an eating disorder yourself, it’s really hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone with an eating disorder and know what the triggers are.

“But I really hope this film will inspire people to pay a little more attention, because it can change the world for so many young people.”

  • Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating will air on BBC3 on 22nd November.
Zara's balanced approach included regular workouts


Zara’s balanced approach included regular workoutsCredit: adaywithzara/instagram I’m fat-shamed and lost 3rd place – now accused of being skinny but agrees with trolls, says Love Island’s Zara McDermott

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