I’m obsessed with fuel stations at gas stations, billed 8p more per liter at the counter than at the sign-what are my rights?

British drivers are experiencing record high fuel prices as car costs pass through the roof.

But imagine that you need to fill it with these Exorbitant priceJust to know that you are paying more than advertised at the counter.


Derek Collings is worried that other drivers could make the same mistake

That’s what happened to Sun’s reader, Derek Collings. He thought he would use 1.91 pounds of diesel per liter for the van’s fuel station sign.

However, shortly thereafter, he realized that he was actually charged an additional 8p per liter and complained.

Derek told Sun: “I work as an independent contractor. Yesterday I was driving a van to work at Bognor Regis.

“I saw a petrol and diesel advertised at 191.9p per liter in the Esso garage on Felpam Road.

“It was lower than most because the prices have been rising every day lately and I thought the garage still had to sell the previous stock before the prices went up. I pulled in and spent £ 30.

“I found such a bargain and was happy with myself, so I went to work.”

It didn’t take long before I realized that Derek was paying more than he expected for Diesel.

“A few hours later, after finishing work, I went back the same way in the opposite direction. I passed the garage, but this time the price soared to nearly £ 2 per liter.

“Once in my life, I was delighted that a was actually ahead and defeated the price hike in a matter of seconds.

“Many people lined up on the pump and came back to the road, but everything was coming from one side of the road in one direction.

“Looking back, I found that the price on one side of the sign was different from the price on the other.”

At that time, Derek realized he was paying a lot.

“I stopped, looked at the receipt, and returned to the Esso gas station.

“They argued with me and said it was my responsibility to make sure that the price they were actually selling it was the same as what they were advertising.

“I was waved when I said I couldn’t do that. The line of people came only from the side of the road where the display was showing 191.9p.”

Derek reported the incident, but he was left out of his pocket and worried that people might have been victims of the same mistake.

He continued: “I called an oil officer at the West Sussex Council in Bogner and handed it over to Horsham’s headquarters. They took the details.

“I called and reported to Motor Fuels Group Ltd, Chief Operating Officer of the site.

“I feel completely fooled. It’s wrong to advertise the price of fuel to a pole that looks half a mile away. It’s just fooled by a pump. It’s a sharp habit and a straight theft. “

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Sun told the Bognor Regis Esso Garage counter operator: “Yes, there was a problem with the sign, but the pump was showing the correct price.

“Tomorrow morning, an engineer is coming to fix the sign.

“I can’t return the money to people because the correct price was advertised.”

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