Immigration offers solution to South Korea’s shrinking workforce: IOM deputy chief

Amy Pope, Deputy Director General for Administration and Reform at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), said in an interview with The Korea Times Wednesday at the IOM Seoul office in downtown Seoul. Korea Times Photo by Shim Hyun-chul

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A comprehensive immigration policy could be a key solution to address South Korea’s aging population and shrinking workforce, said Amy Pope, deputy director of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He stressed that the country needs to establish fair labor practices to protect the rights of migrant workers. .
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“Immigration is one of the best tools we have in terms of meeting current demographic challenges. It will help fill a critical labor shortage,” Pope said in an interview with The Korea Times during her visit to Seoul on Wednesday.
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“Looking ahead of future demographic trends in South Korea, North America and Europe, and seeing a growing youth population across Africa, Asia and Latin America, there are natural opportunities available to us.”
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The former Senior Adviser on Immigration to US President Joe Biden has been Deputy Director for Management and Reform at the United Nations Office for Immigration since September 2021.
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Pope said migration, when done well, is a win-win strategy for both sending and receiving countries, as the benefits of migration are not limited to an increase in the workforce in the receiving country.
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“Sending countries receive substantial remittances from workers working abroad,” she said. Remittances are money or in-kind transfers made directly by immigrants to families and communities in their country of origin.
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“And it actually leads to the development of their economies, better exchange of information and ideas, and enables a more organic development of the country. This is often much more effective than simply providing overseas development assistance. If the sending country and the receiving country match, it will benefit each country,” he said.
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The Pope’s message comes as the South Korean government ramps up efforts to implement a comprehensive immigration policy to address the nation’s shrinking workforce amid a rapidly declining population. . The population is projected to decline from 52 million today to 38 million in 2070, according to the latest data from the National Statistics Office.
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The government plans to set up a separate organization dedicated to immigration-related issues, currently handled by the Ministry of Justice, while introducing new visa categories to attract immigrants settling in depopulated rural areas. I plan to create.
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Immigration experts also stressed the importance of fair labor laws to ensure that migrants entering the local labor market are not discriminated against regarding labor standards and wages.
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