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“Immoral” female yoga retreat erupts in Kuwait

Kuwait: The Kuwaiti female yoga retreat, accused of being “immoral,” was postponed after authorities said it needed permission, the organizers said, prompting online backlash and complaints to parliament. Yoga instructor Eman al-Fuseinan said he was hit by a fierce media attack over a desert hideout scheduled for Friday.

“When I first planned the event, I didn’t know about the need for permits, and I was contacted by the Home Office who revealed the importance of these permits,” she said late Thursday. Said in the posted online video. “We had already emphasized the need for proper clothing to attend the session, which is modest clothing,” she added.

The day’s retreat focused on practicing yoga and emphasizing its health benefits, and creating a fun environment for women, Fuseinan said. “I was supposed to be hit by a fierce media attack … they portrayed immorality and projected the image of the event in an insulting way.” Such predictions are my morals and Kuwait. It does not reflect the morals of women or Kuwaiti society. “

Congressman Hamdan al-Azumi strongly opposed the case and urged it to be stopped. “This is a serious problem and we call on the Minister of Interior to act swiftly to thwart these practices that are foreign to our conservative society,” he tweeted Wednesday. Did. Some online agreed with parliamentarians, but many cast support behind parliamentarians.

“Kuwaiti women have been deprived of their will and rights … they are prevented from practicing yoga … and they are prevented from exercising their basic rights,” said Kuwaiti writer Aljazi Alsenafi. Tweeted. Attorney Areej Hamadeh told AFP that he had filed a complaint with Congress against Azmi. “The MP has decided to violate the Constitution and personal freedom and use its customs and traditions as an excuse to impose his own guardian on society,” she said.

Kuwaiti women, who won the right to vote in 2005, are considered one of the most open societies in the region and have long pushed the boundaries of society. Last year, they opposed harassment for the first time, against conservative norms and a culture of “shame.” Azumi ruffled her wings last month when she asked the Defense Minister about the October decision to allow women to join the army in combat roles.

The Ministry of Defense later imposed new rules on military women, who must wear hijabs, require the permission of a male guardian to participate, and are not allowed to carry weapons. Stated. Unlike other Gulf countries, Kuwait’s parliament enjoys legislative power, and lawmakers are known to challenge the government. – AFP

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/row-over-immoral-womens-yoga-retreat-erupts-in-kuwait/ “Immoral” female yoga retreat erupts in Kuwait

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