Immunization rates at school are no longer a condition of physical lessons – Romanian Journal

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School and high school courses will be taken in physical presence or online according to new scenarios, according to the decisions adopted by the National Commission for Emergency situations on Thursday night.

This decision allowed the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education to issue a joint order linking online schools to the number of free COVID beds in each county.

At the same time, the new rule requires that if three COVID cases are identified in a class, the course is suspended with physical attendance compared to only one current COVID case.

The National Emergency Commission said the course could be conducted in physical presence in counties with up to 75% occupancy of beds at the county level for COVID-19 patients. At the same time, if there are 3 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the class, the class will be suspended for 10 days and the students will be online. This is valid for all educational units such as kindergartens, elementary schools, elementary schools, high schools and vocational schools.

So far, a joint order from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health has stated that students and kindergarten children in areas with a COVID-19 infection rate of more than 3 in 1,000 go to physical school or online classes, depending on the proportion of teachers. It was stipulated to take the course. Those who are vaccinated at the school. Specifically, if the percentage of vaccinated teachers exceeded 60%, children could continue to attend school in physical form. If the teacher’s vaccination rate was less than 60% and the incidence of COVID-19 in the area was more than 3 per 1,000, the student was online.

At the same time, an order was established that if only one case of COVID-19 was detected in the class, the automatic stop of the physical course would be triggered for 14 days.

Education Minister Sorin Simpane said on Friday that all schools and kindergartens in the country will hold existing classes as of Monday, January 17, after modifying the school’s management strategy.

“”Separated from both the incidence of infectious diseases and the vaccination rate of educational staff. The education staff vaccination rate parameter, introduced on November 15, 2021, is strongly motivated by the fact that current education staff are in the most vaccinated social professional category, well above 70%. I think it was. “Said the minister. Immunization rates at school are no longer a condition of physical lessons – Romanian Journal

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