IMPACT Developer & Contractor to raise capital via private placement August 18-19 – The Romania Journal

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IMPACT Developer & Contractor has announced a private placement of up to 125 million shares from August 18th to August 19th.

Funds raised by IMPACT will be used to support the company’s development strategy. The business is his second capital increase through a private placement in 2022 and was brokered by Swiss Capital as a licensed broker after the successful first action completed earlier this year.

Despite the challenges posed by the global economic situation, IMPACT has proven its ability to adapt and continue to implement its medium-term growth and development strategy. One of the largest residential projects in Bucharest, he continues to expand nationwide in Bucharest accelerating the development of GREENFIELD Baneasa, and ongoing projects in Constanta and Iasi. Iasi is one of the fastest growing cities in Moldova, with a strong presence of various businesses and a high demand for housing, which is why in the next few months, the largest masterplan project in Moldova We will focus on the launch of the project in Iasi, which issays Constantine Sévechanu, CEO of IMPACT Developer & Contractor.

At GREENFIELD Băneasa, work is underway to complete the final 435 units of Phase 4, for a total of 1,167 units. GREENFIELD Baneasa is developed on his over 600,000 square meters of land in the north of the capital, surrounded by 900 hectares of forest. At the end of development in 2028, it will contain over 6,000 apartments with an estimated total value of €800 million.

At GREENFIELD Copou, which aims to become the largest sustainable housing project in Moldova, IMPACT will begin the development of the first 292 apartments and a commercial area serving the entire complex. With an estimated total asset value of €163.6 million, the residential compound has a total of 1,062 apartments, a kindergarten and after school, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, commercial areas and a sports and leisure club with 15,000 square meters of green space. benefit from space.

This fall, IMPACT expects to hand over the community center and health and relaxation club from the GREENFIELD Baneasa compound, the first phase of the Boreal Plus project in Constanta, and to complete over 450 apartments in various ongoing projects. IMPACT Developer & Contractor to raise capital via private placement August 18-19 – The Romania Journal

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