Import and export sanctions on goods also apply to individuals who cross the Finnish-Russian border

EU imposed Extensive sanctions on Russia due to attacks on Ukraine. Sanctions also apply to many consumer products. For example, bringing extra fuel from Russia to Finland is not allowed. Those arriving in Finland by road from Russia, and those traveling to Russia, should check the restrictions and prohibitions before traveling.

Restrictions on both imports to Finland and exports to Russia

The immigration restrictions enforced on the Finnish border due to the coronavirus pandemic will be lifted on June 30 and will return to the pre-pandemic situation regarding health safety from July 1. However, customs operations are subject to the EU’s sanctions on Russia, and customs oversight is carried out as part of normal customs control.

“The EU has imposed extensive sanctions on Russia and the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, so I would like to inform individuals that import and export sanctions will also apply. The coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. However, individuals also need to take into account travel advice on Russia provided by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “said the Executive Director. Mikko Grönberg..

EU sanctions against Russia prohibit the direct or indirect sale, import or transfer of Russian petroleum products or petroleum products imported from Russia. Therefore, for the time being, travelers are only allowed to bring fuel from Russia into the normal tanks of cars. It is not permitted to bring extra fuel into a portable container or bring another can into the vehicle.

In addition, strong alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and liqueur are not currently allowed from Russia to Finland. It is still permitted to bring in limited amounts of light alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine for personal use or as a gift.

Travelers arriving in Finland by car or bus can purchase personal luggage for up to € 300 without taxes or duties.

Exports of so-called luxury goods from Finland to Russia, that is, products worth more than € 300 per item, are not permitted. Such products include smartphones, sporting goods, jewelry, as well as many clothing and accessories. The exception to this is, for example, electronic items with a value limit of € 750. An instrument whose value per item should not exceed 1500 euros. Also, certain optical instruments, such as binoculars and sights, that are banned from export regardless of their value. The vehicle limit is 50,000 euros.

Export and import regulations for a destination country are subject to change quickly, so you should always check with the authorities of that country to see which regulations apply. Travelers are also encouraged to be up-to-date on the restrictions on coronaviruses that apply to Russian border traffic and that the Russian authorities are responsible for enforcing and providing the information.

Source: Finnish Customs Import and export sanctions on goods also apply to individuals who cross the Finnish-Russian border

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