Imprisoned Moscow Deputy Pickett Against War in Court Hearing

Moscow Opposition adjutant staged anti-war picket during a trial to “damage credit” of the Russian army, SOTA News Outlet report Tuesday.

Alexei Gorinov, a member of the Krasnosel’skiy District Council in Central Moscow, disseminated “fake” information and “damaged credit” to Russian troops under a law passed following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. He was arrested in April for charges. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Gorinov, 61, attended a hearing on Tuesday and had a handwritten sign stating “I am against the war.”

According to officials, Gorinov said in opposition to the council’s proposal to hold a child art contest and a dance festival in the midst of an ongoing invasion by him and his opposition deputy deputy Elena Kotenochkina. Was destroyed.

“I believe in all my efforts [Russian] Civil society should only aim to stop the war and withdraw Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. ”

“If the points of the suggestion are on these issues, I’ll be happy to vote. [in favor].. “

Prosecutors have taken actions that could lead to “political hatred” motivated by Gorinov and Kotenotikina, “results that undermine authority and endanger the public, including damaging the credibility of the government and Russian troops.” “I have entered into a crime plan.”

Gorinov denied the accusation against him on Tuesday, saying he had no plans with Kotenotikina, but rather spoke of his heart about his own agreement.

“I’m 70 and I don’t have to collude with Koteno Chikina. […] To express my opinion and beliefs “, Business FM News Outlet Quote As Gorinov said at the hearing.

“If you find something illegal and bad, say so. Maybe that’s why I always win the election.”

Mr Gorinov also said that he could not be motivated by hatred because it contradicted his values ​​as a Christian, Business FM reported. Imprisoned Moscow Deputy Pickett Against War in Court Hearing

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