Imran Khan calls on Joe Biden’s administration for Pakistan’s regime change “conspiracy”

Islamabad, May 2: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has openly called on the US administration of Joe Biden on Monday for being involved in the “conspiracy” of Pakistan’s change of power, Geonews reported.

Former Prime Minister Khan repeatedly accused the United States of supporting a distrust resolution leading to his expulsion on April 10, refusing to accept the newly elected Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif, saying, “No more insults. To this impossible country. “

However, the Joe Biden administration denied any role in the process. Warren Buffett criticized Bitcoin, saying that he “doesn’t pay $ 25 for every digital coin in the world.”

In a tweet, Khan asked the Biden administration whether its involvement in the “conspiracy” of the regime change weakened or strengthened Pakistan’s anti-American sentiment.

“My question to the Byden administration: By indulging in a regime change plot to eliminate democratically elected prime ministers from more than 220 million countries and bring in puppet prime ministers, you are in Pakistan. Do you think you have reduced or increased your anti-American sentiment? “Khan said, Geonews reported.

Officials in the current administration have repeatedly said that Khan had banished the United States because he was unable to give birth during his tenure, but the PTI chairman resolutely stated that the United States was behind the ban in cooperation with the opposition at the time. Insist.

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