In a historic speech to the state, President Tokaev announced major political reforms to strengthen the democratic development of Kazakhstan.

Nur-Sultan, March 16, 2022– In today’s national speech entitled “New Kazakhstan: The Road to Renewal and Modernization,” President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev outlined a wide range of political reforms and initiatives, including up to 30 proposed changes. .. A constitution aimed at further transforming the country. The president emphasized that the country needs cardinal reforms to avoid stagnation and presented a program for the comprehensive modernization of the country’s political system.

In his speech, which was raised for six months, reflecting the importance of the proposed reforms following the tragic January event, Tokaev Transition from a super-presidential system to a powerful parliamentary republic“Such a system will provide the institution with an optimal balance of power and contribute to the country’s sustainable development,” he said.

Mr. Tokaev proposed a bill requiring the president to terminate membership of political parties during his term, stating that “this norm will intensify political competition and provide equal conditions for the development of all political parties.” bottom. In addition, he proposed to ban the president’s close relatives from being appointed to the positions of top-level civil servants and managers in the quasi-public sector at the legislative level.

Some of the proposed reforms are specifically focused on transforming the national parliamentary system. To this end, President Tokaev proposed a switch from a fully proportional election system to a mixed system of proportional and major elections. According to the suggestion, in the next campaign, 30% of Mazhilis’ agents are elected through major systems, Run as a candidate in a personal position, not as part of the party list. We believe this will strengthen public participation and direct involvement with the MP, and by maintaining a 70% estimate of the party, we will be able to sustain the party’s development as a powerful institutional actor in the country’s political system. Will be.

father Reduced presidential appointment assignments in the Senate The purpose of the appointment will be changed from 15 to 10 members to give more voice to the undervalued social groups in Congress. At the same time, the assignment of Mazhilis (lower house) for representatives of the Kazakhstan National Assembly, a constitutional body representing associations of many ethnic communities in Kazakhstan, will be abolished and moved to the Senate, but will be reduced from 9 to 5. Members of the person. Congress will now propose candidates appointed by the president, rather than electing them as before.

President Tokaev also The Senate should only approve or reject the law already adopted by Magiris.. As a result, only Magiris will be entitled to pass the law.

In the continuation of previous reforms that promoted political diversity and competition, the President announced: Political party registration process is greatly simplified.. In particular, he proposed reducing the registration threshold from 20,000 to 5,000 by a further quarter (up to last year it was 40,000, which means that President Tokaev’s incumbent requirement is eight minutes. It was reduced to 1). Similar reductions apply to the requirements of political party regional representatives.

The President also proposed strengthening local autonomy by strengthening the role of the local council (Masrihat) and participating in Kazakhstan’s European Autonomy Treaty. There are also changes to the method of selecting mass rehats. At the regional level, this is done in a mixed proportional majority system, but at the town and district level, the system is completely changed from proportional to majority.System enables individuals

In another move, the president proposed Reconstruction of the Constitutional Court To strengthen strict compliance with the provisions of the Constitution. If implemented, it will replace the Constitutional Council, but will have broader capabilities and allow citizens to appeal directly to this court on their complaints. Further reforms include strengthening the role of Civil Rights Commissioners by adopting a Constitution on the powers of Civil Rights Commissioners, which enshrines the prohibition of the death penalty in the Constitution.

Summarizing these reforms and initiatives, President Tokaev said, “Excessive denial of presidential authority will be an important factor in ensuring the irreversibleness of the country’s political modernization.” “The proposed initiative will radically change the’rules of the game’and form a solid foundation for the further democratization of our society,” he added.

The speech also focused on investigating the tragic consequences and tragic January events in Kazakhstan. The president admitted that it was the famous people who tried to carry out the coup d’etat, who were allegedly treasoned against the state. Tokaev explained that they did it because Kazakhstan has recently begun a process of radical modernization and transformation of the country, and certain powerful people did not like this. The Head of State ensured that all responsible for these tragic events would be brought to justice, regardless of their position in society.

Among other suggestions Introduce changes to national administrative divisions Three new regions (states): Abai (centered in Semey, now part of East Kazakhstan), Ulytau (centered in Zhezqazg, now part of Karaganda), Zetiz (now part of Taldykorgan). It is part of Almaty Province by creating a center in Gan), the latter centered around the city of Kazakhstan). He also promised to support the renaming of Kapsagai after the late Dinmu Kamed Knaiev, a respected long-time leader of the late Soviet Kazakhstan, who has done much for the Republic.

President Tokaev concludes his speech by saying that the proposed initiative will “significantly change the country’s political system,” and that the initiative announced today will be implemented. Demands about 30 amendments to the Constitution and adoption of more than 20 laws by the end of the year..

He, New Kazakhstan need to do it Different views, but one country..

The government will hold an extraordinary meeting on March 18 to discuss the delivery of President Tokaev’s speech. In a historic speech to the state, President Tokaev announced major political reforms to strengthen the democratic development of Kazakhstan.

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