In Johor, fisherman missing for 14 hours found clinging to plastic barrel

Monday, October 03, 2022 21:31 MYT

Mersin, Oct. 3 — The crew of the fishing vessel were found to be safe clinging to a blue plastic oil drum about 14 hours after they were reported missing.

According to Khairul Nizam Misran, Maritime Commander, Director of Mersing Maritime Zone, the victim, an Indonesian national known as Catur, was found by fishing vessel PL 87, which participated in “Op Carilamat.” today.

Katur, 40, who was last seen on the boat in only green pants, fell and drifted 9.3 nautical miles from where he was reported missing around 8pm yesterday. It is believed that he did, he said.

“The victims were then transported to the Tanjung Sediri Maritime Zone Jetty in Kota Tinggi for treatment and action,” he said in a statement today.

Earlier, Mersin Waters received a report on the incident from Mr. Kuek Ho Hwa, 66, the owner of the fishing vessel, before the ‘Op Carilamat’ was loaded at around 11:50 pm yesterday. rice field.

The search and rescue operation involved Kilat 14 boats in the Mersin waters, RH 32 boats of the Marine Police, and PTL 21 and PL 87 boats of the Fisheries Department with 30 members involved, with a search area of ​​86 square nautical miles covering the waters. was covered. Sea area southeast of Sibu Island.

Members of the public should remember to send information regarding incidents and emergencies at sea to the Johor Maritime Operations Center MERS 999 emergency line (07-2199401). — Bernama In Johor, fisherman missing for 14 hours found clinging to plastic barrel

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