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In the fourth phase of the UP election, about 60 PC polls will be recorded.

Lucknow: According to the Election Commission, about 60% of the votes were recorded in 59 parliamentary constituencies in the fourth election in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.

The turnout app on the voting panel until 9:30 pm showed 59.77% of votes.

The app updated turnout trends after being officially announced by the state polling board at 5 pm. The State Election Commission will announce the final turnout one day after voting.

The completion of the fourth round of polling covered 231 parliamentary members out of 403 in the state. The final three phases of voting will take place on February 27th, March 3rd and March 7th.

As many as 624 candidates fought during this phase.

According to the voter voting app, Piribeat recorded 67.59 percent polling, Rakinpurkeri 65.54 percent, Thetapur 58.39 percent, Hardoi 58.99 percent, Unnao 57.73 percent, Lucknow 55.92 percent, Rae Valeri 61.90 percent and Banda 57.54 percent. And Fattable 60.07%.

In 2017, 62.55% of the votes were reported for all of these seats, compared to 60.03% for Lok Sabha in 2019.

Approximately 73.67% of the votes were cast at polling place number 266 in the Karhal Assembly segment of the Mainpuri district, which was ordered to be revoted by the Election Commission, until 5 pm.

A poll in Kalhar, where Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav is in conflict with the Federal Minister and BJP’s SP Singh Baghel, took place on February 20 in the third phase.

Opinion Commission officials argued that the vote was largely peaceful, but the Samajwadi Party alleged certain misconduct in some areas of Lucknow, Unnao, Hardoi, and Thetapur and demanded action.

In Lucknow, BSP President Mayawati, Deputy Prime Minister Dinesh Sharma, Minister of State Brijespasak, and many senior officials were among the early voters.

According to the Election Commission, people of Rs 230 million, including men of Rs 114 million and women of Rs 993,000, are eligible to vote, with 24,643 and 13,817 polling stations set up at this stage.

In Rakinpuru Keri, where eight people, including four farmers, were killed in violence last October, the federal minister and BJP leader Ajai Mishra voted.

His son Ashish Mishra was accused and arrested in a violent incident. Earlier this month, Ashish was granted bail by the Allahabad High Court and urged the families of the deceased peasants to move to the Supreme Court.

Ajai Mishra did not speak to the media while in the polling place of the school in Banwaripur or when she came out after voting.

Of the 59 seats voted at this stage, BJP won 51 seats in the 2017 parliamentary elections, with 4 Samajwadi Party seats, 3 Bahujan Samaj Party seats, and the remaining 1 seat being BJP’s ally Apnadal (Soneral). )went to.

Among the prominent candidates at this stage are Uttar Pradesh Minister of Justice Brijespatak, Samajwadi Party National Spokesperson, Anurag Badauria, former SP Minister Abhishek Mishra, and former Uttar Pradesh Vice-Chairman. There are Nitin Agarwar and Aditi Singh.

https://www.siasat.com/fourth-phase-of-up-elections-records-around-60-pc-polling-2281030/ In the fourth phase of the UP election, about 60 PC polls will be recorded.

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