Incidence of COVID-19 is declining, but infections are rising – English

(ANSA) – Rome, 2 September – Italy’s COVID-19 incidence rate fell to 243 cases per 100,000 inhabitants between 26 August and 1 September, the Ministry of Health and Higher Education said. The Institute of Health’s (ISS) weekly monitoring report was released on Friday. , down from the previous week’s incidence of 277.

However, he added that the number of COVID Rt infections in Italy rose from 0.74 in last week’s report to 0.81 over the period 10-23 August.

An Rt greater than 1 indicates that the virus is in the expansion stage.

The pressure of the coronavirus on Italian hospitals continues to drop, according to reports.

2.1% of beds in Italian intensive care units were occupied with COVID patients on 1 September compared to 2.4% on 25 August.

The proportion of beds in general wards occupied by coronavirus patients decreased from 9.4% to 7.7%. (ANSA).

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