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Increased deaths from Spanish trawler accidents off Canada

After a fishing vessel carrying crew members from Spain, Peru and Ghana sank east of Newfoundland, rescue teams pulled out three more and killed ten.

Canada has deployed helicopters, military aircraft, Coast Guard ships, and several boats to find the missing crew. [Representational image] [Twitter/ @hfxjrcc]


After a Spanish fishing vessel sank overnight on the east coast of Canada, Canadian rescuers recovered three more bodies and killed ten.

“Unfortunately, JRCC Hfx can confirm that three more deaths have been recovered from the sunken fishing vessel,” Halifax’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center tweeted Tuesday.

Eleven were still missing, and three of the 24 on board the ship were rescued.

About 250 nautical miles east of Newfoundland, the ship had 24 crew members on board, and despite the harsh weather conditions, rescuers were still looking for the remaining 11 crew members. Officials said.

The Spanish Ministry of Transport has identified the crew as 16 Spanish nationals, 5 Peruvians and 3 Ghanaians.

According to the ministry, Villa de Pitanxo, a 50-meter fishing vessel based in the port of Galicia, sent two distress signals received at 5:24 am (Greenwich Mean Time 0424) in Madrid.

“Weather is challenging search”

Five hours later, another Spanish fishing vessel in the area discovered two life rafts, one of which said it was carrying three survivors and several bodies.

The rescuer later discovered four other bodies.

“For one, only three survivors were in hypothermic shock due to the extremely low water temperatures,” Maica Larriba, head of the Spanish central government in Galicia, told public radio.

She said the survivors were safely airlifted by a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter and found two other “totally empty” liferafts while rescue teams were searching for one-third.

Canadian rescuers said they wanted to find more survivors.

Officials said Canadian rescue teams deployed helicopters, military aircraft, Coast Guard vessels, and several boats to search for the missing crew.

“Current weather is difficult to find. Waves are about 4 meters and visibility is about a quarter ri,” Brian Owens of Canada’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) told Agence France-Presse. Told.

It was not immediately clear why the boat became the founder.

Source: AFP

https://www.trtworld.com/americas/death-toll-from-spanish-trawler-accident-off-canada-rises-54784?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Increased deaths from Spanish trawler accidents off Canada

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