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Increased vigilance in border areas as cases of COVID-19 increase

Belagavi: As the number of cases of COVID-19 increases in Karnataka, Prime Minister Basabara Zibonmai said on Sunday that the provincial government is on strict caution in the border area due to the high business interaction with Mumbai in the area. He said he had instructed.

Bonmai, who told the media here at Belagavi Airport, said: Due to the high business interaction with Mumbai in this area, we have ordered strict caution in the border area. “

Bommai added that only fully vaccinated people are allowed in the state. Not only Belagavi check posts, but other check posts in the vicinity are also required to strengthen their measures. There are about 11 check posts in the Vijayapura area. Strict measures will bring some inconvenience to passengers, but it is unavoidable for the benefit of public health in the Belagabi district. “

Regarding the vaccination drive, he said: “A vaccination drive for children aged 15-18 will begin on January 3. Instructions have been given to implement it in a systematic way. In the safe biobubble of Prime Minister Modi. The desire to take children is fulfilled through a vaccination drive that begins on January 3. Immunization will take place on January 10 for people over the age of 60 with comorbidities. increase.”

The CM further ensured that the state was fully prepared for the expected third wave of COVID-19.

“We need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and be prepared to face difficult emergencies. Unlike previous shortages, we have contacted oxygen suppliers to ensure timely supply. The district and talc hospitals have been instructed to prepare the oxygen plant to function. Measures have been taken to prepare 4000 oxygen beds. To procure sufficient quantities of medicines. , Indentation is being prepared. “

In response to a question about the possibility of extending the curfew, Bonmai said: The state government is very clear about it. Strict measures have been taken for the public good. People should avoid creating situations that force the government to impose a blockade by following the guidelines. “

https://www.siasat.com/ktaka-vigilance-stepped-up-in-border-districts-amid-rising-covid-19-cases-2251829/ Increased vigilance in border areas as cases of COVID-19 increase

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