Independence Day 2022: Why Pakistan Celebrates Freedom on August 14, the Day Before India

After the passage of the Indian Independence Act 1947 on August 15, 1947, two nations were born: India and Pakistan. The Act states that 15th August is the Independence Day of India and Pakistan, stating: “From 15th August 1947 two independent Dominions shall be established in India, to be known as India and Pakistan respectively. will be.” Pakistan”.

Commemorative stamps of Pakistan issued up to July 1948 mark 15 August as Independence Day. August 15th is recurring as Pakistan’s Independence Day, but the country celebrates its historic anniversary on her August 14th. Independence Day 2022: The History and Significance of the Indian Flag

Over the years, multiple theories have emerged to answer the question as to why the Pakistani government went ahead with Independence Day. Various reasons are presented for decisions. Independence Day 2022: Howrah Bridge, Kolkata’s Victoria Memorial lit up in tricolor for Har Ghar Tiranga campaign (watch video)

1. Pakistan became an Indian confederate on 14 August 1947 when Lord Mountbatten transferred its powers to Pakistan on 14 August 1947 to enable Pakistani officials to participate in India’s independence program in New Delhi on 15 August 1947. Celebrate independence one day earlier.

2. August 14, 1947, the 27th day of Ramadan and is considered the day of cooking in the Islamic calendar. This is another reason why Pakistan celebrates her Independence Day on August 14th.

3. In June 1948, a cabinet meeting chaired by Pakistan’s first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, proposed that Pakistan celebrate its Independence Day before India. The proposal was brought to Jinnah for his approval, and the date was advanced to August 14th.

4. India Standard Time (IST) is 30 minutes ahead of Pakistan Standard Time (PST). As India became a free country at midnight on her August 15th, Pakistan’s local time is 11:30 pm on her August 14th, and Pakistan celebrates its independence on this day.

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