Independence Day Remission of 2,045 East Nusa Tenggara Inmates

Sure, we suggested a few (names) too, but in the end only a few were approved according to the terms of the grant of remission.

Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA) – A total of 2,045 prisoners and children under the jurisdiction of the East Nusa Tenggara Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will be released on the 77th Independence Day on 17 August 2022 is.

Prisoners and children who are granted remission are those deemed eligible for it, Herman Sawylan, head of the Prisons Division at the East Nusa Tenggara Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, said Tuesday. mentioned here.

“Indeed, we proposed several (names), but in the end only a few were approved, as per the conditions for granting remission.

Inmates will include those who will be given general remission, meaning less time in prison, and those who will be released soon, Sawilan explained.

Of the 2,045 prisoners and children, 2,025 will have their sentences shortened and 20 will be released on August 17.

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He added 440 inmates in 1-month remission, 305 in 2-month remission, 434 in 3-month remission, and 354 in 4-month remission. reported that 392 inmate names have been suggested for five months in remission. 112 inmates were in remission during his six months.

On the other hand, a person in remission must meet several conditions. A convicted person or a child who has committed a crime can be put into remission if she demonstrates good behavior and has not been disciplined in her six months until the day she is granted remission. I can do it.

“Additionally, they[must have also attended a coaching program sponsored by the prison]on a good premise,” Sawylan said.

In addition to the above requirements, persons convicted of criminal offenses, including terrorism, drugs and drug omens, corruption, crimes against national security, serious human rights crimes, and other transnational crimes, are subject to additional must be willing to cooperate with law enforcement as a requirement of

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Cooperation is related to the crime committed. Also, those convicted of corruption must pay fines and compensation as per court decisions.

Inmates must also participate in a deradicalization program organized by the prison and the National Counter-Terrorism Agency, Indonesian inmates must submit a pledge of allegiance to Indonesia, and foreign inmates must must submit a statement that they will not repeat acts of terrorism.

Sawiran also said he expects those who have been released to interact with the communities in which they live and to perform well while utilizing the skills they acquired during their time as prisoners.

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