India advocates for Sri Lanka

Colombo (No.1 News): Official spokesman for India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Arindam Bagchi, said India is advocating for Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the IMF staff-level agreement, he said, “Let’s see how it develops.”

He noted the importance of creditor fairness and transparency issues for island nations.

“We’ve scaled 3.8 billion in support. I think we’re close to 4 billion in various forms of support now. We’ve been talking about that for quite some time. On other issues. also commented,” he added.

A spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the recent visit of a Pakistani warship to Colombo and said that if there are any developments affecting India’s security, India will closely monitor them and take necessary measures to protect it. said.

“But I think that is another factor in our relationship with Sri Lanka, and what we have done and what we can do. It can happen ahead of time so that we can,” he added.

the latest news India advocates for Sri Lanka

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