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India and China hold 12-hour long talks on border exit

New Delhi: Military delegations from India and China spent more than 12 hours discussing the release of hot springs at patrol point 15.

Wednesday’s meeting between the military commanders of both countries in Mold on the Chinese side began at 10 am and ended at 10:30 pm. This is the 14th military talks between India and China to resolve border disputes.

General MM Naravan of the Indian Army talked about the military debate and said on Wednesday that he expects some positive progress in the coming days.

Along the northern border, Indian troops continue to maintain the highest level of operational readiness while engaging in sustained dialogue with the PLA, General Naraban said.

“We would like to resolve Patrol Point 15 (hot springs) in this negotiation. Once that is complete, we will consider other issues prior to the current standoffs,” he said.

After continued joint efforts, mutual involvement was lost in many places. “That made a positive move,” said the Indian Army staff.

In response to a question about positive progress, police officers explained: It’s good that the discussions are going on. We have to keep talking to each other. As a result of the 4th to 5th consultations, the 14th patrol point, the 9th to 10th north bank, the south bank and the Kailash Mountains, and then the patrol point 17 were resolved. “

However, the Indian Army Secretary of State said the threat was never mitigated, albeit with a partial withdrawal.

General Nalavne said the unit level in areas where liberation had not yet taken place was sufficiently strengthened. Threat assessment and internal deliberations led to the reorganization and reorganization of the Army in line with the Army’s mission to ensure territorial integrity and respond to the PLA’s and significant military infrastructure buildup.

Shortly before the negotiations, China enforced a new border law and renamed 15 locations in Arunachal Pradesh on the map.

India and China have been involved in a fierce border dispute for about two years and are currently in talks to resolve the issue.

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