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India tells state to be vigilant as Omicron’s case doubles

India yesterday instructed state governments to actively pay attention to the proliferation of omicron coronavirus variants after nearly doubling cases within a week in 12 states.
India, whose already squeaky health system was overwhelmed by Covid’s cases in the summer, recorded 200 omicron infections, primarily in western Maharashtra and the national capital, New Delhi, the Ministry of Health said.
Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan said containment measures, including a curfew, could be taken to reduce staffing in offices and public transport in the event of a surge.
The state was allowed to impose restrictions if the new infection rate reached 10% or more in a week, or if 40% of the oxygen or ICU bed was occupied.
However, given the increasing infectivity of Omicron variants, Boushan told the state to impose such measures, even if the surge was not very high.
“With Omicron’s higher infectivity in mind, states / UTs can take containment measures and restrictions even before these thresholds are reached,” he told the state government. I said in a letter.
“We will kindly rejuvenate the War Room / EOC (Emergency Operations Center), continue to analyze all trends and surges, no matter how small, and continue to take positive action at the district / local level,” said Boushan’s letter. increase.
There have been no reported deaths of Omicron so far.
In less than 40% of cases, patients were either completely recovered or discharged, data showed.
India, the world’s second-largest number of confirmed Covid-19 infections after the United States, is accelerating vaccination campaigns amid fears of a surge in infections, with 87 eligible 944 million adults. At least one inoculation is given to%.
India has recorded 5,326 new Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours. This is the lowest night total for over a year and a half.
The country reported 34.75 million cases.
Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya told Congress on Monday that 80% of Omicron’s cases are asymptomatic. “We are looking at variants and will monitor their impact in the coming days,” says Mandaviya.
Delhi’s Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal urged citizens to wear masks and urged the federal government to allow booster immunity.
Delhi has fully vaccinated about 70% of the 15 million adult population, Keziwar said.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706679/India-tells-states-to-be-on-alert-as-Omicron-cases India tells state to be vigilant as Omicron’s case doubles

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