Indian ambassador says ‘spy ship’ arrives in Sri Lanka

India has hit back with a scathing response to comments made by Sri Lanka’s Chinese ambassador about the arrival of the controversial ‘spy ship’ Yuan Wang 5 at the island’s Hambantota port. New Delhi responded in strong language, saying the Chinese ambassador had “violated basic diplomatic manners”.

Sri Lanka’s Indian High Commission said in its rebuttal Saturday that it “taken notice of the Chinese ambassador’s remarks that his violation of basic diplomatic manners is either a personal trait or a reflection of a larger public attitude.” It is possible that there is,” he said.

Earlier, in a veiled attack in India, Chinese Special Envoy Qi Zhenhong in Colombo said, “External interference, based on so-called security concerns but without evidence from a particular force, effectively threatens Sri Lanka.” It is an outright interference with China’s sovereignty and independence.” “

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(with input from institutions) Indian ambassador says ‘spy ship’ arrives in Sri Lanka

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