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Indian-American lawmakers accuse cops of not investigating ‘fecal attack’

New York: An Indian-American lawmaker has lashed out at Seattle police for failing to investigate repeated “fecal attacks” on his home.

City councilor Kshama Sawant, 49, said an unknown suspect had thrown plastic bags filled with human waste into his yard multiple times since this month.

“As a socialist city council member who participated in the Black Lives Matter protests, I believe that my case of six threatening incidents involving human excrement does not deserve even a serious investigation, let alone protection. It’s been said,” she wrote in a letter addressed to Mayor Bruce Harrell, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz, and the city council.

Threatening emails were also sent to Sawant’s office, calling her a “fucking queen” and encouraging her to “sit on a throne of human excrement,” according to local media reports.

Social activist and organizer Kshama claims that when her husband informed police about the fourth attack on Oct. 8, police responded, “What do you expect from us?” Did. She never launched an investigation.

She also added that officers refused to place police details in front of her house for protection, according to a TV station report.

Seattle police said they had found no evidence linking the case to city or state standards on hate crime laws.

In a blog post last week, Seattle police asked members of the public to help track down the suspect, but omitted the victim’s name and identified her simply as a “politician.”

“Authorities take cases involving public officials seriously, and investigators have investigated for evidence, gathered information from witnesses, and reviewed all that has been gathered so far,” the post read. rice field.

Witnesses describe the suspect as an Asian male about 5 feet 4 inches tall.

“What is most concerning is that this extreme and hostile behavior is very likely politically motivated and could escalate into more serious and dangerous harassment,” she said. I am writing in a letter.

She blamed Seattle’s “Democratic establishment” for supporting Seattle police apathy and said she was filing a complaint with the Police Accountability Office, The New York Post reported.

KIRO-TV reports that Kshama has been at the forefront of the city’s “police defense” campaign in recent years, proposing to cut the station’s budget by $85 million in 2020.

https://www.siasat.com/indian-american-lawmaker-slams-cops-for-not-probing-feces-attacks-2440927/ Indian-American lawmakers accuse cops of not investigating ‘fecal attack’

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