Indian artist creates giant mural in tribute to London’s Queen Elizabeth II

London, September 13th: Two Indian artists from west London are working on a massive mural as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who died in Scotland last week at the age of 96.

Jignesh and Yash Patel have been working on a community project since news broke of the 96-year-old Queen’s death on Thursday. This can be seen from afar in the Hounslow district of west London. Uttar Pradesh will observe a day of mourning tomorrow in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Indian Diaspora UK (IDUK) group is backing the project with an online fundraiser on the Go Fund Me website, which has already raised over £1,000. “This artwork will not only pay tribute to the Queen, but will be a work of art that will be enjoyed by thousands of people across the UK for years to come,” she said IDUK.

“Jignesh and Yash Patel are renowned artists with five Guinness World Records, including the world’s largest bubble wrap painting, which set a world record for filling 200,000 bubbles in 2021. It’s been a big hit at the event, a community project with their art,” said the group. SCO Summit 2022: Russia claims China’s backing ahead of possible Xi-Putin meeting in Samarkand.

The mural is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on a two-story building in the Kingsley Road area east of Hounslow. Artists who also painted large murals by Dutch Impressionist artist Van Gogh in the area said they wanted to cover the streets with murals to liven up the area.

“It was right to honor Her Majesty the Queen with one skill that we are good at,” said Yash Patel.

He also said the project is a “joint community effort” that brings together local people and involves local legislators.

“It’s a great project and a worthy cause,” said one Go Fund Me contributor in a message along with the donation. “Your efforts and commitment towards a better community are commendable,” added another. lie in line in Westminster Hall until

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