Indian yoga teacher holds scorpion pose for 29 minutes and breaks world record

21 year old Indian yoga teacher world Record for the longest time to hold the position of the scorpion.

Dubai-based yoga instructor Yash Mansukhbhai Morradiya held the scorpion pose (or vrschikasana) for 29 minutes and 4 seconds, breaking the previous record of 4 minutes and 47 seconds.

The Guinness World Records announced his achievements on June 21, 2022, to commemorate the opportunity for International Day of Yoga. The scorpion pose is an advanced yoga posture with the forearms on the ground and the legs arched over the head.

“Breaking the Guinness World Records was a celebration of the long-awaited moment in my life. I started thinking about it five years ago and promised it for two years,” he said.

Regarding the scorpion pose, he said, “The position of the scorpion is all about stability. The longer you hold the pose, the more you can learn how to establish mental resilience.”

Yash spent almost two years preparing for this attempt and honing his skills, using the extra time he spent at home during the pandemic.

Yash chose a symbolic date to make his attempt on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. This is a palindrome when written in a particular format (2/22/22).

About Yash

Born in 2001, he began his yoga journey at the age of eight. In 2017, he completed a yoga teacher training course and chose yoga as his career.

He began regular yoga practice in 2010, paving the way for power yoga. Power Yoga is a fast-paced aerobic exercise focused on building strength and flexibility through high-impact yoga poses.

It took two years of consistent practice for Yash to reach this record. This included exercising the forearm stand and walking with both hands on a treadmill to increase flexibility in the arms, shoulders and back.

“My achievements are not only related to physical strength, but also to self-confidence and mental strength,” he added, adding that the actual physical challenge becomes very difficult after 10 minutes.

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