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India’s Nihat Saleen wins gold medal at Women’s World Boxing Championships

New Delhi — India’s Nikhat Zareen is the fifth Indian woman to win the Women’s World Boxing Championship in Turkey and win the World Champion.

Boxers defeated Thailand’s Zippo Jutamas 5-0 in the flyweight division of the championship on Thursday.

“Am I trending on Twitter?” After her victory, the uplifting Saleen asked at a press conference.

This is India’s first gold medal in the championship since the Olympic boxer Mary Kom won here in 2018.

Com has been a six-time champion in tournaments. Other Indian women who won the gold medal include boxers Salita Devi, Jenny RL and Leka KC.

“Winning medals in the world is always a dream, [that] It is very commendable that Nihat was able to achieve this very quickly. “

Saleen’s name became popular on Twitter due to congratulations from all over the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the boxer was “proud of India.”

“It has always been my dream to be trending on Twitter and achieving something for my country at the world level,” she said after the victory.

25-year-old Saleen is from the city of Nizamabad in Telangana, southern India. She was previously a junior youth world champion.

Her father, Mohammad Jameel, who also played sports, has defended her career for the past decade.

“People opposed Muslim girls wearing shorts to play sports and we learned to ignore them, but when she won the youth championship, people changed their minds. She said she proved herself, “he told the BBC Telgu.

On Thursday, Jameel said he was “tensed but confident” while watching the match.

“Nihat played so well for the match that I was confident she would win, which is great news for the country and the Indian Boxing Federation,” he said. “Thank you for her dedication [to the sport].. “

In the final against Jutamas, the judges recorded a match in favor of Saleen 30-27, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

“My goal was to win the unanimous decision if possible, as the split decision could go in either direction,” she said. “But today’s second round was a split round, so I had to give everything in the third round and I’m glad I won.”

At a post-match press conference, Zaleen said it had been difficult for the past two years as Covid’s pandemic made training difficult.

In 2021, Saleen lost to Mary Kom in a trial and was unable to compete in the Olympics. Since then, she says she has focused on improving the game.

“I tried to improve. I worked on my strengths and the lack of the game … all the hurdles I faced in my career strengthened me,” she said.

Saleen prepares for a Trial of the Commonwealth Games to participate in the 50kg (110.2 pounds) category. — BBC

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