Indomitable Leclerc overcomes Canadian Grand Prix grid retreat

in the meantime Leclerc The Canadian Grand Prix qualifying session was sluggish, but Verstappen was brilliant in securing the pole. So, starting with Paul, he had a great opportunity to put a space between himself and Leclerc in the championship. The plague of Ferrari’s problems has resulted in an 80-point swing in favor of the Dutch in the last five races of the championship. Charles Leclerc suffered from Ferrari engine problems, leading to a very frustrating No Finish (DNF) in Azerbaijan. And in Canada, nightmares continued and Saturday’s qualifying session was held. Leclerc It’s almost meaningless.

The Monaco driver was already marked with a 10-digit grid drop as a result of the new control electronics. To make matters worse, during the final free practice on Saturday morning, the FIA ​​announced that Leclerc would use some new power unit components for the rest of the Montreal weekend. That is, Leclerc had to start in the back row of the grid.

Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz also adopted a new internal combustion unit, but no penalty was imposed as the rules allowed the third and final rounds of the season.

Ferrari’s decision to give Leclerc a new engine for the Canadian Grand Prix was made after two failures in the last three races after quitting the lead due to power unit issues in Spain and Azerbaijan. How frustrating for him!

Leclerc, who received these additional engine components, means that after more than half of the season, it is likely that more penalties will have to be imposed before the end of the season.

But Charles has been optimistic so far, noting the promising pace of the car he believes will ultimately be very competitive with Red Bull.

So what would a champion-minded person do if he faced adversity and had to start from behind the grid?

Leclerc’s indomitable spirit

He clenched his teeth and attacked, even though he had been stuck behind Ocon for a long time early in the race. But even as early as 22nd of the 70th lap, when Leclerc passed Bottas in 7th place at that point, he could see a great drive from Leclerc.

Leclerc continued to power up the field with an impressive recovery drive that finished in the ultimate 5th place. By doing so, he narrowed the overall gap with Perez, who was second in the championship, to just three points.

Well done Charles may have caught Mercedes in front of him due to another strategic error by Ferrari with a slow pit stop!

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen postponed the challenge to victory for Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz at Ferrari, further expanding his lead in the F1 Drivers’ Championship. Before AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda hit the wall at the exit from the pit on lap 49, it looked like another comfortable race for Red Bull driver.

As a result, the field was concentrated at the exit of the safety car after 6 laps. Then there was a fierce battle between Verstappen and Sainz. The gap was very small, over 0.5 seconds towards the final lap.

The active world champion beat Sainz, winning his sixth season and two consecutive victories after Azerbaijan. With this latest victory, he cleared 46 points in the championship ahead of Red Bull’s teammate Sergio Perez.

Adversity Champion

Lewis Hamilton followed the example of Charles Leclerc by overcoming Mercedes car problems and severe back pain. He ended the weekend with his first podium with his teammate George Russell, securing a third to fourth finish for Mercedes.

There will be a two-week break before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Ferrari really needs to stop Red Bull’s prosecution in order for Charles Leclerc to strongly resume his attack on the World Championship title. Indomitable Leclerc overcomes Canadian Grand Prix grid retreat

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