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Indonesia is imprisoning poachers for the killing of five Sumatran elephants

Nearly 12 poachers have been imprisoned in Indonesian courts for the 2020 killing of five endangered Sumatran elephants and the illegal trade in their lucrative fangs as the fight against wildlife crime in the Southeast Asian archipelago continues. I did.

Rampant deforestation reduces elephant habitat, strengthens human conflict, and ivory tusks are valued for illegal wildlife trade.

In early 2020, authorities found a dead elephant that had been electrocuted and had its fangs removed at a palm oil plantation in a remote village of Twier Periya in Aceh, on the tip of the island of Sumatra.

The Achejaya District Court on Sumatra has sentenced nine men to imprisonment for poaching between 10 months and about three and a half years.

The other two were imprisoned for almost two years because they were involved in the elephant fang trade.

“The Judges’ Committee has thoroughly and meticulously examined the different roles of each prisoner and attributed different judgments to them,” said court spokesman Nadia Julisa Adilla.

“These elephants are protected elephants. Therefore, prisoners are subject to the laws on the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems.”

Aceh’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency estimates that animals died from high-voltage electric shock death from a fence intentionally installed on a palm oil plantation two months before it was discovered in January 2020.

The investigation lasted for over a year, with police arresting the criminal in August and September last year.

In recent years, there have been several cases of elephant poaching due to poisoning, electrocution, and decapitation on the island.

The one-year-old elephant died in November after losing half of his trunk in a poacher’s trap. In July, an elephant was found holding its head, poisoned and then its fangs removed.

Aceh Conservation Agency estimates that there are still only about 500 wild Sumatran elephants in the area, and that only 2,400 Sumatran elephants remain in the world.

Elephant survival was raised from “endangered” to “endangered” in 2012 after half of the population was lost in just a few decades.

Last updated: January 27, 2022 03:09 PM

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