Indonesia needs to be prepared against monkeypox: BRIN

No cases[of monkeypox in the country]have been reported yet, but we need to be vigilant and well-prepared in case there is a case in Indonesia,” Ulhaq said at the webinar.

JAKARTA (Antara) – Zurvikar Shambani Ulhak, a researcher at the National Institute for Research and Innovation (BRIN), emphasized the need to prepare for the monkeypox virus outbreak in Indonesia.

“No cases[of monkeypox in the country]have been reported yet, but we need to be vigilant and well prepared in case a case occurs in Indonesia,” Urhak said. health emergencies, and what we need.” know? “It’s Tuesday here.

Researchers note that currently no monkeypox cases have yet been detected in Indonesia, but the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a global health emergency, as it has been reported in 78 countries. did.

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According to WHO, between January and July 22, 2022, about 16,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox were reported, with five deaths.

Ulhaq emphasized the need to increase the capacity of laboratories to detect the disease in order to strengthen preparedness against monkeypox. However, he pointed out that PCR test kits have not been sufficiently distributed.

But since COVID-19 emerged in Indonesia, laboratory capacity has improved and is equipped with PCR detection, he said.

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Researchers emphasized the need to raise awareness of the differential diagnosis of monkeypox. He said clinicians who often encounter and treat cases of skin disease, such as dermatologists who specialize in skin diseases and venereal diseases, need better surveillance.

Ulhaq said that if clinicians found a patient suspected of having monkeypox, they determined that further screening should be performed.

The differential diagnosis of monkeypox should also include proactive screening with community and physician participation. In addition, strategies to prepare for immunization and treatment of monkeypox patients are also important.

“In mild cases, patients can recover on their own,” he added.

He also stressed the need for close communication with high-risk groups, such as the gay community, and said the public needs to be aware that the disease can infect everyone. Added.

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