Indonesia strives to maintain international cooperation: minister

Indonesia always seeks to balance differences and be part of the solution to the world’s problems

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Indonesia strives to uphold the value and implementation of global cooperation in global challenges through a liberal and proactive foreign policy.

“Indonesia is always trying to balance differences and be part of the solution to the world’s problems,” Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said virtually at the Indonesian Foreign Policy Conference (CIFP) 2022 on Saturday. rice field.

Marsudi said Indonesia always respects international law in carrying out its foreign policy.

“With (the world’s) confidence in Indonesia’s leadership, we can see the high attendance of world leaders at the G20 summit, which could lead to a declaration,” she said.

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Marsudi said many political parties were pessimistic about the G20, but amidst the difficulties, Indonesia successfully seized a moment of cooperation.

In continuing negotiations to reach an agreement, Indonesia made several efforts, including a ‘test the water’ approach, ministerial-level calls and leadership engagement.

As a result, the G20 Summit, chaired by Indonesia, focused on serving the interests of developing countries, formulating 361 concrete project priorities, and accelerating an inclusive global economic recovery. You have successfully accomplished three major things.

The G20 Declaration also includes gender equality and women’s empowerment, highlighting the interests and voices of developing countries and small island states.

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There is also the Bali Compact and the Bali Energy Transition Roadmap, as well as US$81.6 billion in funding commitments from developed countries.

In addition, Indonesia is calling on G20 countries to contribute to the Pandemic Fund, which has raised US$1.5 billion, and the amount continues to grow.

Marsudi added that all these achievements in global cooperation have proved that liberal and proactive policies work well, realize multilateralism and focus on cooperation paradigms.

At the CIFP, which was attended by several university students, Marsudi reminded us that good networking, personal engagement, and friendship skills are required for the conduct of foreign policy.

Finally, she commended all parties involved in the success of the G20 and announced that Indonesia’s 2023 ASEAN Presidency will have the theme of “ASEAN Issues: Central to Growth”.

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