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JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Indonesian government is continuously monitoring a monkeypox outbreak that has spread to several countries, including in Asia, the Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Coordination said.

“Although there have been no confirmed cases of monkeypox infection in Indonesia, the government continues to intensively monitor the outbreak of the disease,” said Agus, deputy coordinator for health quality improvement and population development at the ministry. Suprapto said when contacted here. Saturday.

He added that mitigation systems to prevent disease entry are working well.

“Surveillance systems have been activated at all points of entry into Indonesian territory. The Port Health Department continues to check all travelers coming from countries with cases of monkeypox infection,” he noted. did.

The lab is also preparing to conduct an epidemiological study of monkeypox, including tests to detect the virus that causes the disease.

“In addition, the government is preparing other measures to respond to the outbreak of monkeypox,” he said.

The government will conduct a large-scale information dissemination on monkeypox to improve community understanding and awareness, Suprapto informed.

He added that he was considering the opinion of Bambang Soesatyo, the chairman of the National Council for Public Relations (MPR), who called for the immediate establishment of a task force to deal with monkeypox cases.

“Epidemiological developments and the spread of monkeypox cases are also being monitored,” Suprupt said.

Earlier, the MPR chair said that given that monkeypox has been detected in several countries, the government should form a task force to deal with monkeypox cases without delay. .

Soesatyo also urged the government to work with stakeholders to expand and strengthen screening at all points of entry into the country, from ports and airports to land border crossings.

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