Indonesian Coast Guard Detains Vietnamese Ship for Illegal Fishing

BATAM, RIAU (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Coast Guard (Bakamla) detained a Vietnamese-flagged fishing vessel in Riau’s North Natuna waters early Saturday morning on suspicion of illegal fishing.

“A Vietnamese-flagged vessel was detained during a routine patrol of Bakamula’s vessel KN Pulau Nipah 321 in North Natuna waters,” Bakamula’s captain, Capt. Juhannes Antara, said here on Saturday.

He said a patrol vessel had radar-detected the Vietnamese vessel about three nautical miles within the boundary of the continental shelf.

“When the KN Pulau Nipah 321 approached them, the foreign vessel sped up in an attempt to escape. Suspicious of their activity, the captain of the patrol vessel ordered the vessel to be pursued,” he said. explained in detail.

Preliminary investigations show that the Vietnamese vessel named Chuc Thanh 7 has a crew of 17 people, all of whom are Vietnamese.

The vessel was accused of violating territorial rights and illegally fishing in the country’s waters.

“Seventeen crew members are detained in a holding cell at KN Pulau Nipah 321 while the Vietnamese ship is being towed to Batam,” Antara said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) reportedly seized 83 fishing vessels engaged in illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing) in Indonesian waters from January to July 2022. increase.

KKP Adin Nurawaluddin’s Marine Fisheries Resources Directorate said about 11 of the 83 foreign fishing vessels were from Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

He said a Malaysian fishing vessel was seized in the Straits of Malacca, a Filipino fishing vessel was seized at the border between North Sulawesi and the Philippines, and a Vietnamese fishing vessel was seized in North Natuna.

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