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Industry experts say Qatar will limit 2021 with “exponential growth” in digital transformation

In 2021, Qatar witnessed an accelerating digital transformation, especially “exponential growth” in the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic.
According to Innovation Café Partnership Manager Hefzi Malhis, 2021 was a good year for tech startups, especially those who were “sensitive and active” during the heyday of the pandemic.
“It’s a shame that the pandemic has forced many start-ups to close, but nonetheless, many start-ups are in the situation as they change their business models so quickly to adapt and overcome market challenges. Regardless, it has grown, “says Malhis. Gulf Times..

Malhis said many entrepreneurs were discouraged from continuing after they experienced failures in their respective businesses during the 2020 pandemic heyday and were forced to shut down.
“People don’t understand that the return on investment is very high for startups. But it’s all about risk and failure. If it doesn’t fail, it’s that you’re not trying something new. There must be room for failure, so there is no progress. Failure is a very important part of the process, “Malhis explained.
He further states: “For start-ups that have changed their business models, the turmoil caused by the pandemic has changed the way people think, so digitization has helped save businesses and businesses. Digitize and go online.
“Many tech startups are doing much better than they were before the pandemic because more companies are leveraging e-commerce. The Covid-19 crisis is accelerating the digital transformation of many companies. Really helped. People now know the value of digital technology. “
According to Malhis, there is still a lot of uncertainty, but the experience gained by entrepreneurs in 2021 “will help more startups grow in 2022.”
According to Malhis, Innovation Café aims to host a series of events this year in areas such as fintech and “health tech.” The pipeline also plans to hold another hackathon by mid-January.
He said Qatar’s first “e-commerce Huxon” hosted by Innovation Café last November sought a “positive reaction” from industry stakeholders and key sponsors seeking staging of more similar initiatives. rice field. This 2022.
The e-commerce hackathon attracted the participation of innovative entrepreneurs from Qatar and nine Arab countries during the event. It aims to encourage innovation and crowdsourcing solutions to address, nurture and launch the latest innovation opportunities in the e-commerce industry.
In a previous statement, Ramzanal-Naimi, founder of Innovation Cafe, said: After over 300 submissions, evaluations and ideas, we selected over 100 applicants from all backgrounds in 10 countries to participate virtually and directly in the Qatar Science and Technology Park. ..
“Our primary goal in organizing this hackathon was to come up with cutting-edge solutions in the e-commerce sector that could become the next $ 1 billion Qatar-based unicorn.”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707241/Qatar-caps-2021-with-exponential-growth-in-digital Industry experts say Qatar will limit 2021 with “exponential growth” in digital transformation

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