Inflation Condemnation Government, US Middle Class Suffering from Biden-Public Opinion Poll



Washington (Sputnik)-Almost three-fifths of U.S. citizens believe that U.S. government actions and President Joe Biden’s policies are hurting them, with only 5% predominantly protecting the right to abortion. He states that he is concerned about that. A poll of the institute revealed on Tuesday.

“A majority of 57% say federal actions over the past six months have hurt families about their most important concerns, only 8% say Washington has hurt them,” a poll said. He said he helped. “

The numbers show that the number of people blaming the economic predicament of the US and Biden administrations is skyrocketing, the release said. Previously, 34% to 47% said government actions hurt them, he added.

“Current polls are the first time this sentiment is in the majority. The results also show that there is little optimism about the future. Only 23% are in the future for the next few years. We expect the government’s actions to help alleviate the family’s greatest concerns, which will hurt them. “

About 42% of respondents said they were having a hard time maintaining their financial position. According to the release, the previous high was only 29%.

File-In this February 5, 2018 file photo, the US Federal Reserve Board seal is displayed on the ground of the Mariner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board building in Washington. Richard Clarida, a candidate for President Donald Trump's second post on the Federal Reserve Board, announced on Tuesday the importance of central bank independence while stabilizing inflation and maximizing employment. I promised to support the two goals of the Federal Reserve. -Sputnik International, 1920, 02.07.2022

Economists say the Fed’s inflation control tactics are useless and should focus on the supply chain

The release added that one-third of respondents said inflation was their number one concern and 15% were gas prices.

According to the release, only 5% of respondents said abortion and reproductive rights were the most important issues for themselves and their families.—poll-1096988151.html Inflation Condemnation Government, US Middle Class Suffering from Biden-Public Opinion Poll

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