Inside Operation Golden Orb: Charles’ coronation plans revealed when he was crowned with Camilla

The coronation of King Charles is the first of its kind in over 70 years and will be watched by millions around the world.

After the Queen’s death, his title was prince of wales It was given to Charles III, who is believed to be crowned next year.


No date has been set for the coronation of King Charles and CamillaCredit: A.P.
The Queen and Prince Philip were crowned in 1953


The Queen and Prince Philip were crowned in 1953credit:
Charles is now mourning the death of his mother


Charles is now mourning the death of his motherCredit: Splash

Event – Codename Operation Golden Orb – Planned for many years and expected to be more modest than that Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1953.

And the Queen is Camilla queen It dates back to February.

According to royal protocol, out of respect for the reigning monarch, the details of his successor’s coronation will not be discussed in advance.

But now that the Queen is dead, important plans are in the works.

according to Telegraphthe coronation will take place next spring or summer, in a timeline similar to the Queen’s coronation.

queen elizabeth didn’t have her coronation until a year after her father King George VI Died February 6, 1952.

Her Majesty the Queen’s coronation took place on June 3, 1953.

However, unlike the Queen’s coronation, Charles’ services are thought to be shorter, smaller, cheaper and more modern.

Sources also said the King insisted the ceremony would reflect the ethnic diversity of modern Britain.

The service’s guest list is believed to be limited to a maximum of 2,000 people (a quarter of the 1953 contingent), and will have fewer members of the royal family.

an informant said Email: “A streamlined monarchy is on display everywhere.

“Only Charles and Camilla, Kate and William, and their children Buckingham Palace Balcony later. ”

Meanwhile, Camilla will be the first consort to be crowned since 1937.

She is crowned in a platinum and diamond crown made for the coronation of the Queen Mother.

The 105 carat megalith, gifted to Queen Victoria by the Sultan of Turkey in 1856, is believed by many to have been stolen from India.

According to the royal website, “A coronation is both a glorious and festive occasion, as well as a solemn religious ceremony, essentially unchanged for over a thousand years.

“For the past 900 years, ceremonies have been held at Westminster Abbey in London.

“Worship is conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, whose duties have been almost constant since the Norman Conquest in 1066.”

The new plans mark a radical change from the coronation of Elizabeth II, who was Queen for 16 months before the extravagant ceremony.

More than 40,000 soldiers took part in the parade, and over 8,000 dignitaries arrived in a long carriage procession to Westminster Abbey.

The first televised ceremony lasted over three hours and saw the Queen make several costume changes.

Closing times on the day of King Charles’ coronation will be announced as soon as details are finalized.

Currently, the UK mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II longest reigning monarch in British history. Inside Operation Golden Orb: Charles’ coronation plans revealed when he was crowned with Camilla

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