Inside the set of Covid-free Fair City with final restrictions lifted

FAIR City faced many difficult decisions to navigate the pandemic and had to adapt its filming methods to ensure the safety of its cast and crew.

Viewers have been able to see this reflected on screen since pandemic restrictions began to ease fair city.


Aine Conaty visits McCoy’s Pub in Fair CityCredit: Paul Sharp
McCoy's pubs open again


McCoy’s pubs open again

They no longer need to wear masks, contact between characters is allowed, and there are no guidelines for how far people should be separated.

However, one of the last restrictions in place was McCoy’s Pub, which closed in 2020.

This works again on screen where viewers can expect a lot of drama to happen.

McCoy’s will once again be the star in Carrigstown starting August 18th.

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They used the beer garden to describe the pub, and Hayley continued to work in the beer garden even though she never went inside.

The pub’s interior hasn’t changed much during its two-year hiatus from screens.

There are still bright blue walls with gold accents to match the blue bar chairs scattered around the venue.

John and Jane are seen pulling pints to the bakery behind a wooden bar, with Hayley doing business in the back.

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In an interview with The Irish Sun, she said: It’s been a long time since we were on that set.

“So last week it was really buzzed and everyone was like, ‘Are you at McCoy’s? “When you’re at McCoy’s?” “Who’s next after McCoy?”

“Everyone is wondering when we’ll be back. We haven’t been on that set since April 2020, so there’s a lot of excitement about being back there.

“It’s an iconic part of the show that I think we missed, so I think the fans will be very happy to see it. Yeah, that’s great.”

return to normal

Speaking of how she felt when she was back on set, she said: [weird] Because I haven’t been on set for that long.

“It was strange to come back to them, it was like remembering the last gig there, and it was strange that the relationship with Ger was decidedly surreal.”

Rebecca, 35, also admitted that filming has become more fun with more people appearing on the scene.

“It’s great to have some on the scene. It’s great.

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“And it’s great to see all my cast mates again, because when it was so restricted we were in the same group of people. Now we have more cast members.”

“With more people around, it’s a little bit more talking on set.”

McCoy's has been closed since 2020


McCoy’s has been closed since 2020Credit: Paul Sharp Inside the set of Covid-free Fair City with final restrictions lifted

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