Inside the Singapore Airlines flight attendant school

Flight attendants are required to follow very strict guidelines regarding grooming and grooming.

A group of Singapore Airlines flight attendants.

MOHD RASFAN/AFP via Getty Images

according to smart local, female flight attendants were advised on prescribed hairstyles and grooming, and taught classes on applying makeup properly. There are strict guidelines for hairstyles for female flight attendants, and “grooming consultants” evaluate potential flight attendants.

Male flight attendants can’t shave their hair “Shorter than the number 3 cut” According to 2019, nail length should not exceed 2 mm. channel 4 documentaries at the airline.

As SIA’s assistant training manager Foo Juat Fang points out in the documentary, women left airlines to start families, and male flight attendants “because they don’t have to worry about gaining weight. There are usually more men in the premium class. Postpartum.”

Foo said there is a “return-to-mother system,” but when new mothers return, “I think that’s the customer’s expectation, so they have to be able to fit in the uniform.”

Despite how difficult and challenging SIA’s flight attendant training is, many have survived and flown with airlines for decades. Shelly Chua, a former flight attendant who worked for SIA for her 11 years, says meeting people from all walks of life is one of the reasons she spent her 10 years as a flight attendant. rice field.

“There were so many places in the world that I wanted to go to, so even when I wanted to stop training, I held out,” Shelley said. “One of the most important things he learned as a flight attendant was to be patient because the best part of my job, meeting people, was also the worst.” Inside the Singapore Airlines flight attendant school

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