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Institutions and companies spread awareness about environmental protection and conservation

By Nawara Fattahova

Kuwait: Various institutions and companies are trying to raise awareness about environmental protection and conservation through waste management. In some shopping malls and other places, you can now see colorful trash cans for sorting trash. The Al Hamra Tower and shopping malls in Kuwait City have four types of waste bins: plastic, glass, paper and mixed waste. These containers will be placed on the floors of shopping malls and business towers.

Montaha Al-Jouhar, Senior Officer of Alhamra Real Estate Company – Housekeeping, said the project started in 2017 and the container was installed in 2018. But today, more than three years later, Al Hamra Tower visitors and employees are enthusiastic about separating waste in these various bottles and have noticed their positive reaction. ” She told the Kuwait Times.

“We sent a informative message to our employees to separate their waste, which makes them more responsive than mall visitors. Since I started working here Very enthusiastic about applying waste management and not done yet. We are dealing with various recycling companies that collect waste from Al-Hamra for free. Spend on containers and colorful trash bags. We aim to raise awareness of environmental protection through recycling, “added Jouhar.

Many recycling companies in Kuwait have closed during and even before the pandemic because waste management was not beneficial and they could not survive. Enviroserve Kuwait is one of the companies operating in this field, with two locations, the Science Center and the Jabriya Cooperative Society, for collecting electronics and metals.

We also do business with companies and banks, from which we collect electronic, plastic and paper waste. “We are currently collecting only electronics and metals from individuals, but we plan to add paper and plastic soon. We will collect e-waste from individuals for a fee of 5KD. Once a month, Scientific Center and Jabriya Co. -Collect waste from ops. It is impossible to put these containers on public roads because many people have not yet separated the waste and dumped the mixed waste into special containers, “Enviroserve Kuwait said. Judi, Head of Business Development, emphasized.

“When it was founded in 2018 with the support of a national fund for small businesses, we were supposed to receive a parcel of land, which has not been achieved to date. It is complete in Kuwait. We don’t recycle, but we shred electronic devices and send difficult parts to Dubai. To make a new product, we need a melting plant that requires more space and land. Is not available, “she explained.

They mainly collect waste and classify it. “We sell some materials to specific companies, recycle them and resell them. We also produce some materials from crushing processes such as copper, plastic, aluminum and metal. But it’s not 100% pure. These raw materials are sold in Kuwait. Some materials are not recycled in Kuwait, such as glass and wood. We also partner in recycling paper and cardboard as well as plastic. I hope people get used to sorting household waste, “says Judy.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/institutions-firms-spread-awareness-on-protecting-preserving-environment/ Institutions and companies spread awareness about environmental protection and conservation

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