Insufficiency of infant formula: why European infant formula is unlikely to hit the shelves

A U.S. military aircraft carrying 35 tonnes of powdered milk from Germany arrived in Indianapolis on Sunday night. But it’s not aimed at store shelves. Rather, hypoallergenic formulas are distributed to areas where there is an urgent need to feed infants who cannot tolerate the proteins in milk.

CNN reported The cargo included a 132-pallet formula that was trucked from Zurich, Switzerland to the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, where it was loaded onto a C-17 freighter.

The Biden administration said prescriptions from the first shipment would be sent to hospitals, doctors, home care facilities and pharmacies in the country’s most needed areas.

White House announces The second flight of the Operation Fly Formula will arrive later this week. Includes 114 palettes of Gerber Good Start Extended HA Infant Formula. HA stands for hypoallergenic and is also used in children who are allergic to milk protein.

The first shipment is equivalent to 500,000 8 ounce bottles. According to the White House.. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Billsack meets the plane Remarks on TV The formula said it could feed 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers in a week.

According to, the second shipment will be distributed from the Nestle facility in Pennsylvania. New York Times.. The article states that the United States normally produces 98% of the recipes used domestically, “imports are primarily from Mexico, Ireland and the Netherlands.”

In addition to using military resources to bring in infant formula, the Biden administration has promised to use the Defense Production Act to strengthen the production of infant formula in the United States. On Sunday night, authorities announced the first two approvals to use the law, Reckitt Benkeiser and Abbott Nutrition. Both companies are now able to quickly receive the materials that are essential for making formulas.

CNN The formula that flew on Sunday was said to be from an FDA-approved factory, so a spot to make sure the product wasn’t damaged during the flight to the United States and that the label was correct. Only check is required. FDA inspectors and Nestlé will perform separate checks.

Make a crisis

There were already some supply chain problems in the production and distribution of infant formula. However, after Abbott Nutrition announced a voluntary recall of infant formula in February, a shortage of milk powder began. No evidence was found that the prescription caused the illness, Dezalet News Reported last week. Later, the Sturgis, Michigan factory was closed after the Cronobacter Sakazaki fungus was found in the factory, but was not included in any of the products.

Abbott Nutrition has now reached an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration and will soon reopen its factory. Meanwhile, it’s flying from Ireland with some of its officials.

Dezalet News previously reported Although we agreed to improve the Sturges factory, statement “After a thorough review of all available data, there is no evidence to link our prescription to these infant illnesses,” said Abbott Nutrition. No illness was associated with the prescription it produced in a test conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The deficiency has had serious consequences for some families who rely on infant formula to feed their babies.Two children with a condition called short bowel syndrome I was hospitalized in Tennessee After their formula became unavailable. Without special prescriptions, they couldn’t absorb nutrients and alternatives didn’t work for them.

When CNN He said at least four babies were also hospitalized at the South Carolina Medical College. The three reportedly couldn’t tolerate the prescriptions their parents tried because of a shortage. In the fourth case, the baby was given a homemade mix and suffered from a “mineral imbalance”.

Desperate parents are trying to make their own milk powder, but pediatricians are discouraging it. “Homemade infant formula is dangerous for babies,” said Dr. Katie Rockwood, the attending physician at the Philadelphia Primary Care Children’s Hospital. New York Times last week. “Regular prescriptions are FDA regulated and kept to very high standards, just as we handle medicines. Making it at home is very dangerous.”

Urgent notice

Mayor Erik Adams of New York City has declared a state of emergency over a shortage of infant formula. This is a promise in a news release that “the New York City Consumer and Workers Protection Agency will authorize the prevention of price cuts in formula milk.”

“This urgent presidential directive will help crack down on retailers trying to take advantage of this crisis by raising the price of this important commodity. Our message to struggling mothers and families is simple. Our city will do everything in its power to help you in difficult times, “the mayor said in a news release.

The Wall Street Journal reported That is, even in the face of shortages, the Food and Drug Administration is forcing a ban on infant formula from Europe.

“European formula is regulated by European regulatory agencies and, according to research, most meet the nutrient levels required by the FDA, but do not meet the FDA’s labeling and other requirements. Most If there is no instructions in English for powdered milk preparation procedures, specific labels for iron content, or how to store the product. The FDA also has European formulas that do not require water per scoop, they are stored. Concerned about temperature conditions and the lack of a system to notify US consumers of recalls. Major European producers such as Hipp and Holle have the time and money needed to comply with FDA regulations. I’m not spending it, “the article said.

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