Intensive preparations are underway to open the Lithuanian office in Taiwan

TAIPEI, Sept. 16 (CNA) Lithuania’s Deputy Minister for Economy and Innovation Karolis Žemaitis spoke at the opening ceremony of the Lithuanian Lifestyle Festival in Taipei on Friday to open a planned Lithuanian trade office in Taiwan. He said that “very intensive preparations” were underway.

Jamaitis arrived in Taiwan last Saturday with a business delegation for a seven-day trip, where the newly appointed head of the Lithuanian Trade Representative Office planned in Taipei, Paulius Lukaukas, said, “We are here to trade. We are making very intensive preparations to open our office.”

“This is a very important step for us. [Lithuania and Taiwan]…will require a very intensive preparatory period,” Gematis added, though he did not specify when the office would open.

Gemaitis, the latest Lithuanian deputy minister-level official to visit Taiwan this year, was answering questions from the media about whether there were delays in opening the trade office.

In early July, Lithuania’s then Deputy Economy and Innovation Minister Jovita Neriusiene quoted Lithuanian media as saying that Vilnius was planning to open a trading office in Taipei on September 12.

Regarding the planned trade office, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) European Affairs Director Remus Chen said at a news conference on Tuesday that the space had been leased but the equipment was still in use. said. Installed.

Cheng said the trade office “can be considered to have basically started operations” since Lukaukas officially took office.

Lukaukas reportedly arrived in Taiwan in early September after being appointed as secretary general on Aug. 17 and applied for a diplomatic document with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

Nevertheless, the director general declined to comment on whether Vilnius will hold a plaque unveiling ceremony when the trading office is actually opened.

According to the main organizer, the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council, the Lithuanian Lifestyle Festival, which runs until September 29, will showcase 20 Lithuanian brands of food and groceries.

At the opening, the Taiwan Food Distribution Association and the Lithuanian food distributor LitFOOD signed a memorandum of understanding, paving the way for further trade exchanges between Taiwanese food suppliers and their Lithuanian counterparts.

Zemaitis emphasized at the event that the visit to Taiwan will focus on strengthening business ties and economic cooperation between Lithuania and Taiwan.

There is “a lot of potential” for tech cooperation between the two countries, and Gemaitis went on to say that “important talks” have been initiated on a possible partnership, which is “going very well.”

Śemaitis’ visit comes about a month after Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Agně Vaitěkevičute imposed sanctions on the Chinese government for a visit to Taiwan in early August. and provocation. “

Beijing also announced on August 12, the day after Vaičkeviciute completed his five-day journey, that it would suspend all forms of interaction with the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications and cooperation with the Baltic states in international road transport. .

Asked if he had received any warnings from China before his visit to Taiwan, Jamaitis said only that he had “no contact with Chinese representatives.”

Lithuania is under political and economic pressure from Beijing after allowing Taiwan to open a representative office in Vilnius in 2021 named “Lithuania’s Taiwan Representative Office”.

Taiwan usually refers to its representative office as the “Taipei Economic and Cultural Affairs Office” or the “Taipei Representative Office”, an allusion to the fact that Taiwan is a separate country from China. This is in line with the wishes of the host country to avoid any reference to anger the government.

Recent punitive measures imposed by Chinese authorities on the Baltic countries include recalling the Lithuanian ambassador to Lithuania, downgrading diplomatic relations, expelling the Lithuanian ambassador to China and banning Lithuanian products from entering the Chinese market. there is


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